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Review: Loose End – Jordan Street (single)

Exploding out of the gates with their fourth music video, Melbourne pop-punk gang Loose End display an impressive amount of growth on “Jordan Street”, their latest single and music video from the upcoming EP “Overthinking Everything I Know”, landing November 30th.

Review: Terrorizer – Caustic Attack

During the 80's, a belligerent integration of metal music and hardcore punk had birthed a...

Review: Thou – Magnus

A disturbing and achingly corrosive but beautiful melding of the death, doom and sludge underworlds.

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Rapheumets Well go from strength to strength with a new lineup and their reignited anthology.

Review: Daughters – Get What You Want

So long as you have exchanged pleasantries with a noise-inspired wall of sound or even just some traditional hardcore music, “You Won’t Get What You Want” would be just as enticing and approachable for you as any other underground LP within the confines of your music library

Review: Eunomia – The Chronicles of Eunomia Part 1

With everything anyone could want out of a power metal concept album, The Chronicles of Eunomia Part I is great fun, with a serious repertoire of featured guests to boot.

Review: Ambrotos – ἄμβροτος

All trees grow from a seed, this one has just germinated.

Review: Opeth – Garden of the Titans (Live)

A powerful celebration of the ongoing tale of Opeth, from soul-crushing Death Metal to consciousness-raising Prog.

Review: Iron Void – Excalibur

Can UK Doom Metal trio Iron Void deliver on their boast of an engaging, narrative-driven tale of fantasy over the backdrop of a metal album, or will they flop trying?

Review: Alithia – The Moon Has Fallen

Alithia’s second full-length hurls itself further into the stratosphere than the band has ever dared attempt before, and despite some flaws in its execution, it is a wonder to behold.