Overdrive recently had the honour of sitting down and having a chat with Tomasso Riccardi – lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Italian symphonic death metal masters Fleshgod Apocalypse to discuss all things King and the upcoming Australian tour.

Could you talk about some of the highlights of your previous Australian tour with Septicflesh back in 2014?

Well, to be honest, every show was a blast back in 2014 and that’s one of the reasons why we are so stoked to come back.
Beside that, Australia is an amazing country and it’s always good to have things to see between shows when you are travelling all around the globe! By the way, if I have to think about highlights of 2014, there is one for sure: a very fun barbeque we had with some of our friends in Lagerstein!

What song/s from King have had the best response when you’ve performed them live?
Well, we’ve been happy to realize that King had the effect it was created for.
We conceived these songs to work perfectly both when listened on the album and when experienced live and we’ve been really happy to see how much impact they actually had when performed on a stage. We can’t wait to bring this show to Australia!

What message do you wish to convey to fans through the lyrics on King?
The king is a metaphore with a part of ourselves that still believes in the true values in life. Every other character in the court, on the other hand, represents all the negative energies and bad things of today’s society that want to bring those values down and drive us into useless addictions, far from the deepest truth of existence.
We need to wake that king up and fight against everything that won’t let us live truly and free.

King is a resounding masterpiece, and still fresh even a year after its release. Do you have any plans yet on how to follow up on that record?
Honestly… Yes! . We still don’t have anything official but I can already say from the last ideas we had that, as usual, you can expect the unexpected from Fleshgod .

I see your stage attire has changed slightly since King was released. Could you talk a bit about your new look, and how it ties into the theme of the new album?
Actually, the stage outfit has changed a lot and we also introduced many new ideas in the way we perform. We are working constantly to transfer on the visual side the duality of our music and the dramaticity of our concept!

Fleshgod Apocalypse, touring Australia THIS JUNE! Grab your tickets today!

June 1st, Brisbane, Crowbar

June 2nd, Sydney, Oxford Art Factory

June 3rd, Melbourne, Max Watt’s

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