UK rap metal band, The One Hundred are set to release their debut album, “Chaos + Bliss”, on June 2nd through Spinefarm Records and Caroline Australia. I was presented with the opportunity to check it out early to give our readers an idea of what to expect.

Back in 2014, we got a taste of what The One Hundred is all about with their debut EP “Subculture”, and since then, they’ve only been growing; having toured extensively throughout the likes of the UK and Europe, playing major festivals such as Sonisphere, Download and Reading and Leeds. But within the nearly three years since “Subculture” was released, one can only wonder where their sound will go next.

On February 6th this year, the band’s first new track (Dark Matters) since their absolute banger of a cover of Iggy Azalea‘s Black Widow premiered on Daniel P. Carter‘s Radio One Rock Show. About three-and-a-half months later, another track called Monster was unleashed. Now we’re in the final week before release and almost able to check out the other 10 tracks making up the album.

“Chaos + Bliss” opens with a track called Dreamcatcher and doesn’t take any time to get straight into delivering the heavier side of the band’s sound. There’s no long instrumental introductions to this album – just straight to the point and in your face. This is followed by Monster, the album’s second single and then Disengage, a song that to some degree – for myself, at least – resembles a pre-“Hybrid Theory” sounding Linkin Park demo. It’s raw as hell and surely one to get a crowd moving. By now, most of, if not all of us, listeners of the band, have heard the album’s first single which is next and followed by a short interlude entitled Fake Eyes. Getting back into the spin of things now, next up is a track called Hand Of Science. A song that’s once again fast and heavy, the perfect combo for a live performance in this genre. This song stood out to me also for its larger-than-life chorus.

Boomtown. This is the album’s 7th track and probably my own personal favourite. It keeps the pace of the album up high, though to an extent being a softer song that you’d expect to find on early to mid-2000s rock radio. It also introduces vocals other than those of lead vocalist Jacob Field‘s with a female vocal element. The next track Blackjack opens up with a hip-hop instrumental, but stands out with its anthem of a chorus. While this album so far has been for the most part heavy, Retreat, the ninth track on the album introduces a different kind of heavy. It’s probably the darkest part of the album, altogether giving off a horror movie soundtrack worthy vibe. What I love about the placement of Retreat on the track list is that with it being such a dark sounding track, the next offering known as Who We Are Know feels like it fits perfectly, being essentially the uplifting anthem of the album. The title track again brings the heavy with the most raw and hardcore sounding guitar riff you can think of. The lyrics are where this track shines overall. The line “I see chaos and bliss, ’cause both of them exist” being sung throughout by both Jacob and what can only be described as a female cheerleader squad which just fits so well with the song. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and at this point The One Hundred’s debut album is on the verge of that as I made my way to the final track known as Feast. Feast is the longest track on the album at approximately 6 minutes long. It opens with Jacob rapping over a dark hip-hop instrumental section for the first minute before the rest of the band joins in. Some things I loved about this track is that there are moments where one could confuse the track with a 1999 Slipknot B-side, and then even one part of it gives off a major Eminem vibe instrumentally.

“Chaos + Bliss” is out June 2nd and can be picked up in all good music retailers, as well as digitally via iTunes.