There are some bands out there that are just meant to be taken with your firmly tongue in cheek. Bands that will put a huge dopey grin on your face when you bounce away to their music, groups that help you forget the real world for a short time. Finland based Rockers Brother Firetribe fit this bill beautifully.

A quick skim of their bio on Facebook tells you everything you need to know, their genre is stated as Tennis Metal (The band name is an in joke, named after famous finnish tennis player Veli Paloheimo, who’s name translates to Brother Firetribe) and described as infectious, contagious, feel good, hook laden melodic rock with flash and balls. They’ve been delivering this brand of rock for 15 years now, and their latest offering, Sunbound, is no different.

The 12 track album begins with a theatrical minute and a half long piano and percussion piece that shares the same title of the album, when the guitars and synths kick in, don’t be surprised if you feel like slipping into a tracksuit and joggers as the energy emanating within the music is incredibly infectious.

That feeling should kick into overdrive with the following track, Help Is On The Way. The song showcases everything Brother Firetribe is all about within four minutes. Up tempo, energetic drumming, chugging distorted guitar work, stabbing retro styled synths and fist pumping, layered vocals with catchy sing along lyrics tailor made for stadiums. Every song feels like it would be right at home playing through a classic 80’s training montage ala Rocky and every other sports film from that era.

This energy is kept up for the entire album, from the driving Taste Of A Champion, with lovably cringe worthy uplifting vocal lines such as “Start from the dark To get back the taste of the champion, Follow your heart Regain the taste of the champion.” Delivered with strength and conviction from vocalist Pekka Ansio Heino, to the dramatic Last Forever which showcases some classic Journey/Van Halen/Bon Jovi styled synth work from keyboardist Tomi Nikulainen.

Even the slower paced tracks radiate energy, such as the heavy, groove laden song Shock, which showcases some nifty high hat work from drummer Hannes Pirilä and the bombastic power ballad album Closer Phantasmagoria, with its epic choir and over the top orchestral scoring, it will no doubt leave your workout in a classic freeze frame styled ending as you pump your fist into the air and cry out in joy.

Taken as a whole, Sunbound is a lovingly cheesy throwback to those classic power rock albums of the 80’s where every song was an anthem to be shouted along with at the top of your lungs. If you don’t take it seriously, you’ll find there’s a heck of a lot to enjoy here, and one can only imagine how much fun their live show would be. Listen to this one loud and with a smile.