All That Remains, the metalcore veterans hailing from Springfield, Massachusetts have returned with their newest release – entitled “Madness” – released on April 28th, 2017.  With two years since their last release, “The Order of Things”, we see a slightly more experimental side to Phil Labonte, as he stated that this new album would be more of a vocal focused album.  Labonte also stated before the release of the album that: “The disc we are working on right now is going to blow people’s minds. It’s gonna challenge you. There are songs like nothing we’ve ever done before”.

From the get-go, we are hit right in the face with the super-heavy, Safe House, which shows the band hasn’t lost a step as they showcase some death metal elements, while Labonte’s harsh vocals roar through. If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind of All That Remains going soft, I would consider this track the proof that they have still got it.

Up next is the incredible title track – and my favourite – Madness. This track takes us back to the melodic side of All That Remains that we all know and love from “The Fall of Ideals” days, proving that the band can still produce some melodic and powerful music as well as their heavier side.

“Nothing I Can Do” is yet another sensational track to show of Labonte’s experimental side, immediately opening with a heavy riff that knocks you off your feet from the beginning only to then take a step back into a more melodic piano lead verse. The chorus really sets the tone for the rest of the song as we are treated to some powerful gang vocals over a mellow riff typical of All That Remains.

This album keeps a constant heavy/melodic balance over songs such as Halo, Louder and Open Grave while taking a step back to a more mellow sound through tracks If I’m Honest and Back To You, the perfect album for someone who isn’t quite into the really heavy stuff but loves a bit of “raw emotion” to their music.

The only real weak point of this album is the song, Open Grave, which I believe doesn’t really offer anything new or memorable for All That Remains. Although not a bad song by any means, it simply falls flat when compared to the overall heaviness and melodic power of the rest of this album, offering generic instrumentals as well as stale screamed and clean vocals. I also feel that the guitar solo (although impressive) failed to add to the song itself and felt like it was just there simply for the sake of having a guitar solo.

The band has been heavily criticized in the past due to straying a bit from their heavy roots, but with this album “Madness”, I feel this album is a wonderful collection of powerful tracks that will keep any All That Remains fan coming back for more and then some.

“Madness” is out now. Grab your copy via