After releasing two albums with original vocalists Gus Farias and Michael Barr on vocals, Volumes underwent a change to their line up not too long ago when they parted ways with Michael Barr in 2015. After touring with both Michael Lessard and Joe Burns on vocals, Volumes decided to cast auditions for a replacement singer and they declared the most suitable candidate of the 400+ auditions to be Myke Terry, formally of ‘Bury Your Dead‘ fame.

Volumes’ newest album “Different Animals” is the third of their musical catalogue but the first with Terry on vocals; it is also being released with some major positive feedback and hype, with Alternative Press describing it as “One of the most anticipated albums of 2017”, as well as early singles receiving praise from Rock Sound Metal, Metal Injection and more. OVERDRIVE got the opportunity to speak to Terry about the upcoming album.

“It’s incredible; it’s a dream come true! It’s really cool to see how much love and support from you guys as fans, as well as everyone who has helped up get this record out; it’s a really exciting time for all of us.” Terry informed us when asked about the aforementioned hype/feedback to the upcoming album release on June 9th.

Over Terry’s time with Bury Your Dead and throughout his solo career, he has always been the solo vocalist; but joining Volumes meant that that was no longer the case as Terry was now sharing experiencing something different by sharing vocal responsibilities with Gus Farias. Terry described the experience as “Cool, it was definitely different. I’d never really had shared vocal duties before, but it was super easy because Gus was super easy to work with and it was kind of just snapped together.”

Terry really enjoyed the experience with working with band mates again and the shared responsibilities of writing a new album. “It was a lot cooler because I didn’t have to write everything (laughs); you know I had help and could rely on these people and their punctuality with the parts they were doing. It’s not that I felt lazy or anything, it’s just easier being able to collaborate with someone else instead of having to write everything myself.”
Terry went on to explain though, that his decision to join Volumes wasn’t planned out at all.
“I was doing some solo things for a while and it wasn’t like all of a sudden I thought “Oh; you know I want to be travelling again.” It kind of just happened; we got talking. Volumes were doing some shows around the corner and I had a couple of gigs, so we got to talking and they invited me out to jam. The vibe was so cool and very welcoming. We did some rehearsals and I did my auditions.”

Terry also mentioned how “it took them a couple of weeks to get back to me. It was cool to get the job on my own merits instead of them handing me the job because of my time with Bury Your Dead. There was some times where they were ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’; they had an idea of what they wanted and I felt like I could contribute to that. It was kind of stressful though; waiting to hear back for something you’re hanging for, especially when you have an inkling you’ll get the job BUT you don’t want to jinx yourself. I didn’t want to get too excited or emotional about how I went in case it didn’t work out. At the end of the day it is a job and iI was sitting there hoping that I really got this job.”

Getting to work with Brandon Paddock (who’s worked with Black Veil Brides, Set It Off and Palisades previously) was an experience that Terry will never forget; “ALL of the high notes you hear, they are all to be attributed to him. He taught me things that I didn’t know and took my voice/vocals to a whole new and different level. It was amazing getting to work with him on the record, he really is a vocal wizard!”

How has the “high energy and vibrant charisma” that Terry is well known for changed the sound of Volumes?

According to Terry; “I mean there was definitely a change from the start to now; I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with the family and with the guys. We kinda push each other more and push each other to better craft ourselves on stage. We feed off each other, so it’s been really cool because the more you get to know someone, that you’re able to just know that they’ll be there doing their part. After spending time together jamming I know that we’ve bonded and grown together as a band.” Terry also adds that “Because of that I don’t have to look over and wonder if Rod is gonna be on that or is Gus gonna be on top; I just know I can go on stage and perform because I can count on those guys! The better the bond between us means the better the show for us, which means the better the show for the fans.”
So JUST how long will Australian fans have to wait to Volumes perform “Different Animals” on our stages?

“We’re hoping to get out to Japan, Australia and all of Asia before too long.” Terry also stated how “we’re not too sure what’s going to be ahead for us after we plan to tour here for Different Animals. But we hope to get to come out and see our international fans soon; we love all you guys so much and really appreciate all the support and love you’ve given us, not just for this album, but in general!”

Different Animals is available for purchase June 9th via Fearless Records/Caroline Australia.