Melbourne’s Spectral Fires today release their video for single, ‘Left Behind’ – which was part of their 2016 EP ‘Wayfarer’.

This track, Left Behind, like much of the Wayfarer EP, is about moving on from one place or state of mind – whether by determination or circumstance. The verses reflect the point of view of a person picking up and moving on from a situation and the people around him or her by way of concerted self-determination. The chorus on the other hand is a connected but different point of view, of someone who is finding it is becoming more difficult to connect with the people around them as a result of diverging mindsets. The bridge sort of continues on that second thread, looking back on things you used to say and do, but then became dissatisfied or fed up with. The band just wanted to make song that is loud, agitated and worth screaming to the sky.