The three piece from Maryland, Baltimore strike back with brutal force for their eighth full-length, “Wrong one to Fuck With” (2017), the follow-up to “Reign Supreme” (2012).  Kicking things off with the technical skill on guitar of vocalist John Gallagher on opening track Fixated on Devastation. The distinct guitar work and cookie-man style death vocals will have Cannibal Corpse fans cumming blood. The pounding riffs and pummeling bass of Sean Beasley set the scene for one rollercoaster ride through the graveyards to hell and beyond.

Not letting up with the groove of Panic Amongst the Herd, one must strap themselves in for death growls and the ever changing drumbeat of Trey Williams, who proves to possess the powers of a behemoth behind the kit. The chugging riff brings the listener in like the loop of a lasso, thrown by a cowboy around the neck of his trusty steed.

The pace is taken down a notch on track standout, Reveling In The Abyss as it starts with thick riffs that leave an imprint for the turnaround that welcomes your fair share of blast beats and some inspiring guitar leads. This track, in particular, has more changes than an indecisive bidder at an auction. Backed up with another scorcher of a track with the bone-splitting technicality of Seething with Disdain. The guitar tone on this track is a highlight with some nifty leads and the guitar wizardry of Gallagher who absolutely slays, with no end in sight.

The second half of the record sees the upbeat, Ideological Subjugation, with its thrash outbursts; the notable guitar leads on Weaken The Structure, which unleashes more groovy riffs to shake that metallic booty too. With one guitar solo intact that sounds like a demonic horse on heat we have a winner. Some albums die out towards the end of the record however that is not the case here as Dying Fetus have saved some of the best for last. Fallacy is a good example of that with guitar solos and overpowering drum blasts. Breakdowns fade out, however, they don’t keep the fellow punter hanging with Unmitigated Detestation piledriving its way through the speakers. Deep growls accompany the blistering bass and stomping guitar riffage at hand. The leads seem deep within conversation due to Gallagher achieving different guitar sounds as if he was constructing puppets at a carnival stand.

Closing with the title track, Wrong One to Fuck With, which is probably the catchiest tune on the record. Catchy is touched upon in the lightest way possible like an ant on top of an elephant. Let’s face it with a name like Dying Fetus, known for brutal death metal and grindcore, we are safe to say we won’t be getting any catchy emo-bore material anytime soon. Recommended for fans of death, grind and Sesame Street.

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