I’ve always had nothing but highest of trust in Sweden as far as music goes. When you look at the likes of In Flames, Ghost, Opeth, Katatonia, and more, you’d find that they’re exquisite with every release they put on the shelves. Another one who’s currently in the spotlight for this review is Gothenburg representatives Dead By April, who have released their fourth full-length record, Worlds Collide.

Throughout its course, Dead By April deliver several chunky riffs, plenty of abrasive structures and memorable singalong points with guitarist Pontus Hjelm. In tracks such as I Can’t Breathe and Crying Over You, there are moments where Pontus will bring out his mainstream pop side, while still maintaining his heavier side in plenty of choruses. And all with his harsh vocalist counterpart Christoffer Andersson putting in some real raspy and aggressive screams.

However, the heavier pieces like Warrior and This Is My Life stand out a little more in terms of the hostile side of the group if it suits the listener a little more. Dead By April also bring in their electro/dubstep side Playing With Fire and Breaking Point, which also come across as some welcoming and very catchy tunes that help staple the diversity of Worlds Collide.

Though it takes quite a lot for a band in the metalcore genre to really impress me, Dead By April had already convinced me that they were something else the second Crying Over You started to play. Dead By April’s style follows an electronic and even pop kind of approach, and while there are limited artists who are able to make something special of it, it seems that the quartet is one of those few bands who can pull it off.

While there’s still a strong digitised ring to the entire record, Dead By April have actually given this record a soul. That alone is something that takes a lot to do. When it comes to digitally produced albums, it’s a tough patch to sew if you’re trying to make it feel human. And that’s something I really have to applaud the band for, especially seeing as human-feeling in digital records is a rarity these days.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that Worlds Collide is something that I’d consider to be entirely interesting as far as what I’ve heard so far this year. But, I’m very confident to say that Dead By April has been able to make this LP enjoyable and easy to sit through its entirety, quite easily. Whether you’re a newbie to the band or not, this is a very comfortable album to warm yourself up to, if you were to check these guys out.

“Worlds Collide” is out now via Universal Music. Grab your copy through iTunes HERE.