Ending our trilogy of themed lists, in this edition, we focus on ten songs about body parts, with the first body part mentioned again as the last on the list, as per usual. Next week Top Shelf Tuesday will be back to its normality. In the meantime enjoy our list and feel free to mention other songs, preferably with music videos.

Nine Inch Nails: Head Like a Hole
Taken from “Pretty Hate Machine” (1989)

Frenzal Rhomb: Punch in the Face
Taken from “Not So Tough Now” (1996)

ZZ Top: Legs
Taken from “Eliminator” (1983)

Cannibal Corpse: Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead.
Taken from “The Bleeding” (1994)

Alice In Chains: Them Bones
Taken from “Dirt” (1992)

Soundgarden: Burden in My Hand
Taken from “Down on the Upside” (1996)

Weezer: Dope Nose
Taken from “Maladroit” (2002)

Pavement: Cut Your Hair
Taken from “Crooked Rain” (1994)

Mr. Bungle: My Ass is on Fire
Taken from “Mr. Bungle” (1991)

Live: Turn My Head
Taken from “Secret Samadhi” (1997)