Anticipation was filling the venue as fans lined up at the bar for drinks, eagerly awaiting doors to open for a sold out Luca Brasi gig. Having sold out other venues on the tour in both Melbourne and their hometown of Hobart, Tasmania, tonight would prove to be somewhat a second home to the band.

Speech Patterns stepped up first and brought a raw alt-punk sound to the venue as it was slowly filling up. Hailing also from Tasmania, the band has just released their album Crosswater on May 21st. A fast punk sound to keep you warm, and a vibe similar to those of the Menzingers, A Wilhelm Scream, and Title Fight, they delivered on all fronts to show others how to open a sold out show. This is definitely a band to check out and is sure to be on the rise in the coming years.

Now, usually, the headline band would be a standout but in this instance, Tasmanian locals Maddy Jane blew me away. Gracing the stage by herself at first, she brought a full set of lungs and a vocal set to match people like Stevie Nicks and Tash Sultana. From the get go I personally was connected with her music and as her band joined her, playing a Fleetwood Mac gem Dreams, it was clear to me that the real star on this line up was Maddy Jane. Her groovy, vintage sound with the energy of someone like Peter Garrett (I mean that in a very complimentary way) kept myself and the rest of the audience alive throughout the set.

Baltimore, MD has got some excellent musicians over there, including Pianos Become the Teeth. Forming in 2006, they have 3 album releases, 3 Eps and 2 split Eps with the latest ‘Close’ out in 2015.
With a very La Dispute vibe given off from the first song through to the last, they were probably the heaviest band on the bill. With a very receptive audience, they garnered crowd appreciation and gave their set a majority of the time for their 2014 album Keep You. Coming to the end of their set it was very clear fans still wanted more out of Pianos Become the Teeth. I feel like the band thrives of the honesty and realness of their songs and it vibrates through their back catalog. A great warm up for the crowd right before the Tasmanian locals grace the stage.

Finishing off what felt like a trip to Tasmania, Luca Brasi brought the energy that hasn’t left them since their formation 7 years ago. Having released 3 albums; Extended Family (2011), By A Thread (2014), and If This Is All We’re Going To Be (2016), they mixed their set up with all the hit singles from all three of those albums, along with their new song they released 2 weeks ago, Got To Give.
With light up, symbols of Tasmania placed around their stage set up and the raw energy that was there between both the band and the crowd, it was evident that the fast punk grit was what the crowd wanted. Crowd surfers were flying over the barricade just to get a high five from the band members on stage. Smiling faces and a very vocal audience nearly drowned out Luca Brasi on numerous occasions.
Closing their set with a two-song encore of Isaac Bowen and Count Me Out, Luca Brasi once again showed Brisbane why they’re still going strong as a band and why they’ll always love their fans. Luca Brasi continues to bring their A game and live to prove their worth on the stage to the loyal fans who’ll come to watch them.

As someone who previously wasn’t sold on them tonight was a real eye opener. Seeing their own headline show in a sold out venue may have been a deciding factor in why I enjoyed this concert much more than the last time I saw them, although it also may have been the crowd as they were definitely all there tonight with their numbers.
I’ll definitely be seeing Luca Brasi again soon.