1985 was an interesting time for metal.  Bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden were making ‘real’ metal, but ‘hair’ metal was growing and becoming mainstream.  Into this arena, a band called Warrior released an album called ‘Fighting For The Earth’.  With titles like ‘Fighting for the Earth’ and ‘Defenders of Creation’, there was a sense of an eco-friendly band, and with costumes made by the people who costumed the second ‘Star Trek’ video, it seems possible part of their problem was a more straight up metal sound, and somewhat of a glam look (which was certain anathema to ‘real’ metal fans in 1985).

The album is nine songs that reflect the state of metal in the mid 80s.  Certainly they were the sound of a band to whom Metallica were extreme, although the NWOBHM bands that influenced them were a common thread.  Sadly, while the album was a cult hit, it never hit it big, and internal and record company problems saw an end to the band at the time.  Several albums came to light through various reformations, and your reviewer had the pleasure of seeing them live at the second Rockalhoma, where they were most excellent.  Of course, by this time, the line up was far removed from the one that produced this classic album.  

Roy Z and Marc Storace are among the people who have been in this band, and the ‘classic’ singer, Parramore McCarty, went on to sing on Steve Stephen’s ‘Atomic Playboys’ album. If you’re in to a more ‘classic’ heavy metal sound, this is definitely worth a listen.