American alternative metal/hard rock quintet Stone Sour will be returning to Australia for their first set of shows since their Soundwave appearance in 2013. With the band covering four shows on the east coast of Australia, we believe that they’re gonna be delivering one hell of a gig for all three cities. Don’t believe us? Well, here’s a couple of reasons to convince you, otherwise.

1: It’s their first, proper headline tour in ten years
Sure, Stone Sour have made two appearances at Soundwave in 2011 and 2013, which had them featured on some massive bills with other big bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Primus and more, but we all know they’ve been hungry to give the Aussie crowd a full headline tour. Even though they’ve performed at a number of familiar venues in the country for their own sideshows at the now-defunct festival, this one here, is where Stone Sour are going to be in their absolute element from start to finish.

2: Bigger and more exciting setlists
With now six full-length studio records in their résumé, it’s guaranteed that Stone Sour will give a much more diverse setlist from their 2002 self-titled up to their latest effort “Hydrograd” which has just been released. You can expect a number of their biggest tracks and fan favourites to be totalled up in the one ninety minute to two hour setlist.

3: Their new album Hydrograd is a banger
Stone Sour’s sixth full length record “Hydrograd” has just recently been put out on the shelves and has been selling well to the audience, as well as the fact that it has now been given high ratings from journalists and fans all around the world.

4. It’s been twenty-five years since Stone Sour was formed
1992 was the year Stone Sour first came together. They didn’t release their first set of demos until the following year, and they didn’t have their debut full-length released until 2002, but 1992 was the year Corey and the band’s career started. So, this year is extremely special to the entire band and its dedicated fan base. So, it’s no doubt that they’re gonna be bringing one hell of a tight show for the audiences in not just Australia, but the rest of the world.

5. They’re becoming as big as Slipknot
While Slipknot is also a big priority to Corey Taylor, Stone Sour is where everything started for him. Now, Stone Sour are becoming equally as popular and successful as the Iowa-based nonet. Ever since their debut self-titled, they’ve been having the time of their lives and have put out some incredible material over the years.


Friday, 25th August
Festival Hall, Melbourne

Saturday, 26th August
Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Tuesday, 29th August — NEW SHOW
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane

Wednesday, 30th August — SOLD OUT
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane