Art As Catharsis is proud to announce the release of Cascades debut LP.

The album features a mix of crushing post-hardcore and experimental noise, with rich orchestral swells from analog synthesisers and a strong underlying melodic thread.

The band aims to reflect the struggle to maintain hope and positivity in a world poisoned by human greed, and tap into the crippling anxiety and powerlessness many of us feel about modern life in a society rife with fear and dread.

The band’s music nods to both the mesmerising atmospheres of Godspeed!, Earth, and The Cure and the thundering aggression of bands like Neurosis, Tragedy and Converge.

The result are passages of mournful, otherworldly beauty, which collapse into chasms of oppressive heaviness.

The band recorded its debut album late in 2016 with Joel Taylor (Inverloch, Encircling Sea) at The Black Lodge in Melbourne, with mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

CASCADES self-titled debut LP is out now on Art As Catharsis.

CASCADES are supporting US doom legends Pallbearer on 6 July at the Northcote Social Club.