As Paradise Falls have not had an easy road to success.  After a strong response to their debut EP, they were on tour with I Killed the Prom Queen in Bangkok when their guitarist, Glenn Barrie, died in his sleep.  Eighteen months later, they have regrouped and are ready to take on the world again.  Out of tragedy came opportunity, with the band now signed to Eclipse Records.  Glenn’s guitar parts from the initial sessions are preserved and present on this album.

With clear influences from bands like Asking Alexandria and Crossfaith, this is a modern metal album.  The music is heavy, the vocals are mostly growled (with some clean choruses), and for fans of modern metal, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into.  There’s no ballads, although there are some slow intros and breakdowns, overall the album is relentless and in your face.  This is music made for mosh pits.

From the opening notes of instrumental track, “Digital Ritual, it’s clear that these guys know what they are doing.  As well as being a perfect opening track, it’s a great song to start a gig with, the build up quickly turning into a riff that’s bound to sell a few neck braces.

Tracks like “Balance, “Automated Sacrifice and “Reborn start off gently before kicking in, giving the album a bit of light and shade.  This is also a band that knows that sometimes the best thing to play is nothing, the guitars stop and start again, and only make the music heavier when they kick back in.  

Personal highlights include the first breakdown and guitar solo in “Dead Message and the breakdowns in “Captive to the Creation but the whole album is strong, consistent and flat out heavy.

The band has tour dates on their site for the east coast and Adelaide, so, if you live in those areas, on the strength of this album, they seem like a band worth checking out while they are only touring locally.

It’s great to see an Aussie band taking on the world and sounding as good as any of their peers.  These guys are world class and if there’s any justice, they should be working their way up the ladder of festival stages very soon.

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