Welcome back to my “Battered Bodies Bar”; it’s always good to see such a friendly face returning to visit so frequently, first round is on me tonight!

Where did we get up to last time you were in? Lemme think, lemme think…if I recall correctly, we had arrived at the venue nice and early, made friends with those who joined us in line, as well any security who have come out to set up any velvet ropes. Now it was essentially time for venue doors to open; let’s pick up from there, shall we!

So the magic moment has arrived; doors are about to open to the venue!

The most important thing you can do right now is make sure you have EVERYTHING prepared, to allow you to get into the venue as smoothly as possible; that’s your ticket, your form of identification (if it’s an 18+ show) and your bag opened for security to check.

Once security have checked your ID/bag and scanned your ticket, you are going to feel the overwhelming desire to run as quickly as you can towards the rail. Can I point out that this is a BIG NO NO!!! Not only will this result in security yelling at you to stop running; they may also make you head back to the venue entrance and come back down at a slower pace, meaning you miss out on that desired rail you worked so hard for…

During your journey to the rail, it is always good to keep an eye out for where the merchandise is being sold if you’re interested in buying some, as well as where the cloak room is located. Not many venues have a cloak room located outside the venue which opens before the show, so knowing where it is located inside is important if you have a bag. If you made friends with people outside the venue before the show, someone may have seen a show here previously and be able to let you know where to find it!

Once I reach the rail, I usually stay there for about 10 to 15 minutes before heading over to either the merchandise table or the cloak room; if I have gone with friends this allows them to come take up their positions alongside me, whereas those spaces will be filled by fans from around me within line if I have gone by myself. Once there are at least a couple of people on either side of me, I ask if they mind holding my spot whilst I go look at merchandise/cloak my bag; most strangers are most willing to hold your spot, as they may need you to do the same for them.

Upon finishing my errands, I make my way back to my spot on the rail and allow whoever else needs to leave to go do what they need to do; this may happen multiple times before the first support act starts, however this also may not happen at all.

Now it is just a matter of playing the waiting game and passing the clock until the first support act comes on stage; you may find multiple ways to do this, such as talking to other fans around you, sitting down on the ground and resting before the show (some venues may make you do this as part of security procedure), sometimes you’ll find yourself just listening to the music being played in the background.

We shall call draw it to a close there this evening; the last few times I’ve talked your ear off, so this time I thought I’d save you the re-attachment fee!

If you want another drink, don’t be afraid to call out; if this is your first and last, may you get home safely.

Until next time, rock on \m/