If you’ve been to any all-ages heavy music shows, you will probably have noticed a number of adult fans making it a family affair. There’s something awesomely heart-warming about seeing a child unable to contain their enthusiasm for rocking out with their beloved grown-ups whom have passed on their passion for the music to the next generation. It is equally awesome that some of these children might grow up to bring new waves of bands into the history and venues of rock and metal. You could even say it has become somewhat of a tradition; and this is evident in the fact I have noticed amongst the various trends in band merchandise, a lot of bands are catering to the mini-me rockers out there. In this edition of The Merch Stand we take a look at an assortment of some of the kids merch on offer by a selection of bands.

Firstly, whilst these aren’t band specific, if you’re planning on getting your little people in on the action, it’s important to protect their hearing, so you’re going to want to grab them a pair of ear muffs (yes, the come in pink too!)

For those who love a good old classic band shirt, there is a vast range available in toddler and children’s sizing, so you would no doubt be able to source prints from your own favourite bands and shirt collections such as these classics:

Check out these great kid-specific little numbers:

For the little-ones that are not yet big enough to sport a rockin’ tee, there are even band logo baby onesies!

(As seen above, Metallica seem to have this baby merch marketing down-pat)

Who says pink can’t be metal?

It doesn’t stop there, though! With a little digging you can come across all sorts of accessories for the little tackers such as this meal ware:

You can also find just about any band logo under the sun on a pacifier, such as this AC/DC one below, but I particularly enjoyed discovering this little Gene Simmons tongue Kiss pacifier:

Here’s a rad little play mirror from Pink Floyd:

Last but not least, for those of you who don’t know there is a company called Rockabye Baby whom has released a series of lullaby rendition CD’s of some of the greatest and favoured names in the music industry. Their full catalogue can be viewed on www.rockabyebabymusic.com :

If you’re wanting to get some rad merch for a cool little dude or little lady in your life, try the webstores of your favourite bands, or if they have sold out you can pick up the goods through your trusted local band merchandise distributor!