Having followed Trigger’s live performances for close to two years, I had great anticipation and high expectations for their first full length album, Cryogenesis. My expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Cryogenesis is an incredibly powerful album that keeps the listener attentive through its rapid changes in tone and pace, without ever losing its overall cohesion. Listening to the album end to end weaves a very fine tapestry with deep attention to detail.

The album jumps right in with the strong and dramatic Upon the Forge, one of the outright heaviest tracks on the album. It’s immediately clear that Cryogenesis will be filled with grandeur and aggression that outstrips anything on Trigger’s debut EP, Machina. Vocalist Tim Leopold brings sharper vocals than we’ve previously heard, while guitarists Sean Solley and Luke Ashby take us on a tour of influences from In Flames to Slayer, without ever failing to put their own spin on the sounds.
Dead Sun is immediately recognisable as a mainstay of Trigger’s live sets, and is more “traditional” than Upon the Forge as far as the band’s generally more melodic sound. Knowing this song particularly well highlights the quality of the production. It’s a very different experience to hearing the song live, but the studio recording has added powerful depth to what is overall a very uplifting track.

Echoes of the Silenced is another massive gear shift, with an opening that almost sounds like what I would call a “Soundwave ballad” – the heavy, yet melodic tunes that were the mainstays of many of the younger bands’ summer daytime sets at the now defunct Soundwave Festival. However, the track builds up speed and includes wonderfully clear vocals that become more reminiscent of Iced Earth. The changes in pace and vibe throughout Echoes of the Silenced are typical of what is heard throughout Cryogenesis, and could be perceived as quite risky. The album could easily have lost cohesion with so much going on, but maintains beautiful integrity throughout.

Crowned could best be described as cinematic, particularly in its intro that could easily lead into a video game boss fight or movie climax. In fact, with the vocals taking a bit of a Nu Metal turn, this track could find a place on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack (the only good thing about that film). Crowned is another uplifting track with excellent guitar solos, and should be a strong contender for future live sets.

Tethered to the Tide is rousing and energetic, and if any song will get a pit opened up, it’s this one. Filled with gorgeous vocal melodies over the top of heavy guitar riffs, Tethered to the Tide flies the listener over a raging sea on the wings of Leopold’s voice. Moving through the track, the listener is led into deep woe, then some of the most intense guitar solos on the album. This is definitely the most episodic rollercoaster on Cryogenesis.

Not to be outdone, DeluZion is another very epic track. Filled with rage and urgency, it includes some of the crunchiest guitars on the album, with some Thrash sensibility but still very melodic.

Things become slower and more ominous with Dysphoria, with the riffs offset by clean vocals; then flipping the emphasis with the brighter, more optimistic chorus underscored by growls. The longest track on the album, though only by a narrow margin, Dysphoria is also the only one that drags a little relative to the others. Despite that, the slow into to the final track, Veins of Ambrosia, doesn’t drag at all. Rather, it gives the track valuable dramatic breathing space as we tap into the mythology of ancient Egypt, with even a slight Arabian twang to the guitars. After about a minute and a half, the track unleashes absolute fury. The music is powerful and chaotic, overlaid with vocal melodies that are suggestive of something beyond human. As the lyrics address similar subject matter, there is a cool bass intrusion that is reminiscent of Dream Theater’s The Dark Eternal Night. The album closes aggressively, leaving the listener pumped for more.

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled that an album of this calibre has been written, recorded and produced in Melbourne. Trigger prove themselves to be a world-class band with this offering, and I cannot wait to attend the album launch at Metal United Down UnderTickets On Sale Now!