Originally from Kansas, now residing in New York death shredders Origin, unleash their seventh full length with the three-year gap between albums working wonders for them. When it comes to technical death metal you can either get more of the same or something can reach out and grab the listeners attention.

Opening track Infinitesimal to the Infinite implodes through the speakers with blast beats you would expect from longtime drummer John Longstreth. Vocalist Jason Keyser packs a wallop coming at full force with his overpowering screams and shrieks. Things get interesting on next track with heavy groove-driven riffs from guitarist Paul Ryan, the only original member. The pelting of the bass is a standout from Mike Flores as it adds depth to the musical landscape created.

Three-quarters through Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns, the piece unwinds into an instrumental onslaught and most welcome guitar leads which give off an evil feel which leaves a dark atmosphere. Once unraveled from the dark abyss the songs chop and change like an undecided weatherman trying to predict an accurate forecast. There is so much going on, from the thrashing Truthslayer and the slow-burner Invariance Under Transformation, with its almost sludge-fuelled groove, to the epic Unequivocal which becomes a progressive instrumental.

Revolución makes for a good choice as the Brujeria classic from  Raza Odiada (1995) is covered in all its glory. Who better to provide the vocals than by Hispanic female vocalist Jessica Pimentel (Alekhine’s Gun) most known for her acting on the Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, this lady surely has a good set of lungs.

Perhaps not up to par with Antithesis (2008) but for what it’s worth it is a solid release. As technical death metal can either bore or grab the listener, Unparalleled Universe leans towards the latter side of the fiery gates.

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