Strap yourselves in fellow mature pop-punk fans; it’s less than a month until the legendary NEW FOUND GLORY make their way down to our shores once again!

Last on our shores in 2015, New Found Glory are somehow turning up the energy from their last visit by busting out not just one, but two of their classic albums per show; this can blow out to six shows over three nights, depending on where you reside.

Starting with the already mentioned nostalgia of hearing New Found Glory playing their older albums from start to finish, let’s get into 5 Reasons Why New Found Glory’s Australian Tour will kick ass!

  1. Nostalgia

As I mentioned before, this tour is all about nostalgia!

Performing both Sticks and Stones and Catalyst from start to each of the 5 cities they’re visiting, New Found Glory are going to be teleporting you back to 2002 when Sticks and Stones came out and then 2004 when Catalyst came out; best break out those CD inserts to dust up for such classics as “My Friends Over You” and “All Downhill From Here”. If you’re fortunate enough to be seeing them in either Sydney or Melbourne, you’ve also got New Found Glory’s debut album Nothing Gold Can Stay and it’s successor New Found Glory to bring back even more memories!

2. You Know The Setlist!

Usually, the only downside to such an iconic band like New Found Glory celebrating 20 years is that you would normally have a WIDE range of songs to try and work out what is going to be performed at a live show; thankfully New Found Glory have taken all the guesswork out of it for you by telling you what albums they’re playing. As I said before, you’ve still got just under a month to refresh your memory on the lyrics so you can sing back every word correctly in unison with everyone else in the venue!

3. Intimate Venues

Speaking of singing in unison New Found Glory have made sure to perform at smaller, more intimate venues for two reasons: firstly it pays homage to their punk roots by performing to only the most die-hard fans are going to be singing at the top of their lungs alongside you, but the intimacy of these venues means they are going to show you up close and personal that they still have it after all these years. Best thing is that you’re most likely going to be experiencing New Found Glory next to someone who also remembers listening to them during their teenage years.

4. They’ve still got “IT”!

Whatever secret formula was going around in the late 90’s that allowed pop/punk bands to keep rocking as hard as they did when they first started, New Found Glory made sure to drink their fair share! Clearly they’re still in high demand from fans around the world, otherwise they wouldn’t have released Makes Me Sick earlier this year; any band that makes it past that fabled twenty year mark would normally be showing some signs of slowing down but New Found Glory are far from it! Make sure you tighten your shoelaces extra tight before arriving, otherwise you might just end up having your shoes blown off by the end of the night.

5. You’ll Forget About Your Adult Dramas For A Night And Re-live Your Teenage Dramas!

Unfortunately for most people who remember rocking out to Sticks and Stones or Catalyst when they first came out, those glory days of being a teenager and not having to do the 9-5 grind to pay for a mortgage or for a car will be more than a distant memory; however life wasn’t necessarily easier back then as the teenager years usually aren’t the most enjoyable times either! For those who will be seeing New Found Glory in concert this upcoming August, it’s time to teleport yourself back into the shoes of teenage you, go see your favourite pop-punk band belting out all the anthems you related to back then AND most importantly, realise that you aren’t alone in how you felt all those years ago, when you hear the voices and feel the energy of the sold out crowd that surrounds you doing the exact same thing. You’ll walk out with an even greater appreciation for New Found Glory than you ever felt possible after all these years!


Get your tickets via Live Nation:

Tuesday, 8th August
Metropolis, Fremantle (18+)
Playing: Sticks and Stones / Catalyst

Wednesday, 9th August
The Gov, Adelaide (All Ages)
Playing: Sticks and Stones / Catalyst

Thursday, 10th August
The Metro Theatre, Sydney (All Ages)
Playing: Sticks and Stones / Self-Titled

Friday, 11th August
The Metro Theatre, Sydney (All Ages)
Playing: Catalyst / Not Without a Fight

Saturday, 12th August
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane (All Ages)
Playing: Sticks and Stones / Catalyst

Monday, 14th August
Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)
Playing:  Sticks and Stones / Coming Home

Tuesday, 15th August
Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)
Playing: Catalyst / Not Without A Fight

Wednesday, 16th August
Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)
Playing: Self-Titled / Nothing Gold Can Stay Gold