The intriguing duo, natives of Charlotte, North Carolina, Bloody Hammers never disappoint with a promising EP following their fourth full-length  “Lovely Sort of Death” (2016).  Fronted by Anders Manga who delivers the guitar and drums on this release is accompanied by the lovely Devallia who provides organ, piano, and keyboards.

Gates of Hell is a strong way to open with the driving guitar courtesy of Manga. The headbanging at bay will surely open these gates as the organ adds a nice touch and adds a sense of gothic flair to the hard rocking on display. The passionate vocals only increase on the following track, the ever so catchy, Blood.

The slow-burner, The Beyond is a standout as it is a strong presentation of goth rock with the amazing work of Devallia a definite highlight. Picking up the pace with Vultures Circle Overland and its overpowering bass groove, Manga’s vocals soar like the vultures sung in mention. The organs again work nicely creating a captivating soundscape.

The abyss continues with well-constructed songs in the forms of  The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance which is another Goth rock ballad and All the Colors of the Dark, a highlight with its thunderous riff and keyboards which bring Deadsy to mind. Six favourable tracks can be added to the bands’ discography sure to grow on the listener after each spin of the record. Herman Munster would approve of the ghastly goodness on display.

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