In Perth, there’s a young band called Daybreak who churn out the kind of guttural metal that is not for the feint of heart. These guys are not shy to exhibit this brutality in their videos either. Speaking to drummer Sam Warren, I got the lowdown on their new single “Lost Sentience” and had a chance to learn about Daybreak. Sam expresses his relief on the latest happenings, “Things are finally in motion, after the stress of waiting to get new music out there. It’s good to hear everyone’s reactions.”

We get into “Lost Sentience”. On recording the song, Sam explains “We recorded guitars in Cody’s living room, vocals in some dingy rehearsal studio and drums at Sumo Studios. We got to work with some good blokes.” The clip itself  and having Mark Poida (Aversions Crown) feature on the track, is a grim and somewhat edgy visual into fighting the inner demons, which Sam mentions, “We worked with long-time friends, Split Mask Media for the filming of this.” When I asked about how working with Mark came about, “We reached out to Mark over Facebook,” Sam simply replies. “We sent him the song and he was keen to jump on it.”

I tried to get into what inspires these guys. “It’s difficult to say, as it’s hard to pinpoint it ourselves,” Sam says. Telling me the band “writes heavy tunes that they’d like to listen to,” seemed like a good enough reason for any heavy band to explain. Playing with bands like Boris the Blade, got me wondering where Daybreak sees themselves sitting amongst these acts. Sam responds that “while we feel music on the more ‘Deathcore’ side of the spectrum is becoming a bit stale,” he’s ambitious that they “aim to have a fresher sound than the standard.”

Sam enthuses his love of touring and “getting loose with your mates on the road”, as a greater experience over touring, which seems like the kind of cool fun to be had for a young muso, going as far also to mention their game of ‘Chances’.

I wanted to get a little into the vibe behind the album “Death Dreams”, and the progression of these guys. Sam offers his thoughts, “Lyrically, less about external influences and more about personal experiences which is something new. This album is a natural progression, as we’ve matured into better musicians & songwriters. We wrote our earlier music when we were 15/16. We were way more critical, and let less pass, which was difficult and time consuming, but we got the best out of it.” I had to wonder how much changed on the new record. Stating that they’d “broadened their horizons,” Sam mentions also that utilizing fellow band members Blake and Liam on extra vocals, “added some cool variation.” The guys have recorded again with Iconoclast guitarist, Cody Brooks, and I asked how he’s helped the band’s sound. “He brings new ideas and a new perspective to the writing, allowing us to explore multiple possibilities within the songs. And, he isn’t afraid to tell you something sounds like shit.” Sam gives props to Billy Oakley, who did the art for the album, and when I ask what’s on the agenda this year for Daybreak, Sam answers, “Tours.”