Adelaide’s Abstract The Light bring their own slab of Avant-garde Black Metal to the table with their debut EP, “From out of the Void”. Having recently supported natives from the Republic of Ireland, Primordial there is no wonder this world class act has signed to Austrian label, Talheim Records.

Lead by Ben Sheehan who provides devilish vocals, accompanied on guitar by Matt Brown, the two let loose an array of thunderous riffs that leave a heavy impact after the harmonium introduction of the epic opener, Black Conjuration. Brody Thomas Green picks up the pace after drum rolls of precision with the sounds of chugging riffs and pummeling bass of Mark Boster. Current bassist, Ben Veniamin steps up the plate on the four string adding a nice touch to the band’s live sound.

Add in some clean vocals and acoustic guitar from Sheehan and a Celtic feel is present. There is enough going on here to spin one’s head around like Linda Blair‘s portrayal of Regan on The Exorcist. Inspiring guitar leads make for an atmosphere where the punter will find themselves lost in the dark abyss of sound.

Gateways to Sulphur Chrysalis is a standout track with overpowering blast-beats that fight walls of sound with blistering bass, thick riffs, and shrieks from the lungs of the possessed. The female vocals of Mel Bulian provide the beauty let loose from the ball and chain of the beast.

Continuing on with Doomed: From Birth to Burial, never short of constructive riffs with leads sure to please the guitar enthusiast at heart. Electric to acoustic blends in like a page taken from Where’s Wally, making the transition a smooth one which is hard to notice.

Ending with Stoneonarock, something entirely different yet again, starting off with the cool, subtle ringing guitar which turns into a stomping symphony of guitar licks, exceltic riffs, and favourable solos. Clean vocals are most welcome as they wind down the forty minute EP in the vein of Enslaved. Closing with nifty leads, faultless musicianship from out of the void is what the punter is left with.



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