Getting to interview a band like Mass Sky Raid is a real treat, having seen their growth musically and their new single “Closer” is a welcome surprise, as they’ve managed delivered a single that will sit well amongst the current flow of Australian music. Speaking to vocalist, Adam Lomas, I had to ask about the band’s musical evolution since their heavier beginnings, which he explained “we’re definitely always pushing our limits and opening new doors. As a musician, there is no end point as you are always learning. I think we keep it pretty open in the songwriting process, as we draw from a lot of influences. It’s more about us a band feeling something and knowing when we’re onto something special.” And this attitude is greatly apparent in the crafting of the amazing single, which I asked Adam to divulge. “It shows a different side, has a lot of light & shade and probably a little more straightforward. The song is about keeping inspired while searching for true purpose and meaning.”

Working with acclaimed producers, Forrester Savell & Matt Bartlem really shows how serious the band were about producing a great song and truly pushing the necessary boundaries they needed to push to achieve the result. Adam added, “We worked closely with Matt on this project, from demo to the final result, he definitely played a massive role. We were so fortunate to have someone who has so much knowledge in all aspects of the studio recording process.”

I asked Adam also what inspires a band like MSR, to which he replied, “For me personally, I love most genres and it really depends what mood I’m in.” Could not agree more. Music often reflects mood, and it’d be safe to say the mood in MSR is pretty good right now, considering the busy year that they are enjoying. Adam chuckles, “Yes, massive year actually. Later this year, we release our first full length album, which is an achievement we are extremely proud of, as well as hitting the live scene again, after spending so much time in the studio.”

Speaking of hitting the stage again, it’s impressive and worth mentioning the boys have shared the stage with the likes of Dead Letter Circus, Twelve Foot Ninja and I Am Giant and I wondered how these experiences helped the band hone their own craft? Adam offered, “You always learn a lot from these artists, who have stamped their own mark in a competitive industry. The funny thing is, all of these bands are really down to earth and such awesome guys, which is epic considering their success.” And so it should be indeed. Discussing touring, I had to know about essential touring items, and Adam mentioned an intriguing item. “You know those new suitcases that are remote controlled to your phone?” Sounds good, and I’m sure we’d all be laughing on tour. Adam adds “Touring, especially with a new set is something exciting that the band looks very forward to.”

For a band that loves to write music that inspires, they certainly have the right mentality and I applaud Adam for this and wish him the best for the year ahead. He replies, “Thanks so much. We just cannot wait to connect with more people, doing what we love, and are really excited to release what we feel is a really diverse album.”