Still on the fence about getting a ticket to see the upcoming Ministry & Filter tour in a few months time? Darkcell frontman Jesse Dracman is here to give you five reasons why this is a tour you can’t miss out on!


1. It’s Ministry & Filter dammit!!

Two of the most dominating & influential hard hitting, hard rocking Industrial Rock acts of the known universe are teaming up to show you keyboard warriors of the universe, how the big boys do it. Schools in session and this tour will be one for the ages. Ear drums will be shattered and necks will be snapped by the sheer ferocity of this pairing.

2. Al Jourgensen may just be that damn weird for real that it cannot be ignored by conventional standards.

Oh no folks!  His penchant for the strange and obscure, brought to life by the monolithic stage show that Ministry seems to level up every tour with is bang for buck value alone. The persona that is Uncle Al, is the cherry on top, the ringleader of macabre madness, surrounded by the insanity that is Ministry. The band last tore Australia a new one as one of the standout performers on Soundwave 2015, and the dust still hasn’t quite settled.

Do you need a reminder or lesson in the weird and wonderful world of Uncle Al?

3: The collective number of memorable hits between both acts is astounding!

We’re talking over 20 years of pure rockin’ like Dokken satisfaction that will tantalise the curious and take many fans back to that warm memorable place that made us all fall in love with these bands. With hits from Filter like “Take Me to Heaven”, “Jurrasitol”, “Can’t You Trip Like I Do”, and their breakout “Hey Man, Nice Shot” and Ministry delivering “N.W.O.”, “Filth Pig,” “The Last Sucker,” “Just One Fix” and “Stigmata” just to name a few each of the gargantuan singles that fans are salivating to hear once again, you’d have to be from another dimension to not even remotely be a fan nor appreciate 2 acts that have influenced so many and have even at various points made music with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. Filter main-man, Richard Patrick, was part of the original inception of Nine Inch Nails in their formative years, and Al teamed up with Reznor as 1000 Homo DJ’s to record a version of Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut”. How cool would it be to see Filter/Ministry team up onstage for a song. Just putting it out there.

4: Need a weather forecast? Ask Uncle al! Here’s Al with the weather:

Eccentric and educational, one can be assured that a chance to see these guys in town would be a life experience. When Darkcell toured with Filter in 2014, I was backstage with Richard Patrick in the communal quarters of the historic Adelaide Gaol, where he proceeded to give me a brief history lesson of the prisoners who’d been executed by hanging where we stood. His knowledge and deep thoughts are matched by his intensity as a singer, who can project pure emotion like so few convincingly today.

5: The Star Power!

The sheer star power of Ministry, featuring members of Society One/ Lords of Acid/Prong/Fear Factory/Static-X/Pissing Razors is impressive enough. What about Filter not boasting one, but 2 Australian musicians in their lineup with Oumi Kapila(Guitars) & Chris Reeve(Drums), makes Aussie pride alive on this tour. And who could forget Richard Patrick’s brother from Terminator 2?

Ministry 2017 Australian Tour

Supported by Filter (East Coast Only)

Monday, 25th September
Astor Theatre, Perth
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Tuesday, 26th September
The Gov, Adelaide
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Wednesday, 27th September — SOLD OUT
Metro Theatre, Sydney*
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Friday, 29th September — NEW SHOW
Metro Theatre, Sydney*
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Saturday, 30th September
Forum Theatre, Melbourne*
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Sunday, 1st October
The Tivoli, Brisbane*
Tickets: Metropolis Touring