So many local acts on the rise, so many to keep up with, so little time. It’s incredible to see more and more of them get some spotlight, day after day. Drown This City has already been off to a great start, having started in 2015, with the following year seeing the release of their debut EP “False Idols”. Now, with a new single, and more material being carved up, Drown This City announced a small Australian tour in support of the new track Bend/Break. I went over to The Workers Club in Fitzroy to see what the electronic metalcore quintet and their support acts were going to give for the evening.

BLKLST opened the show to a handful of patrons already in the building. While energetic and received a lukewarm reaction to the audience, there really wasn’t anything entirely intriguing about themselves or their music. Following a somewhat monotonous niche to that of many local metalcore bands, I wasn’t exactly phased by most of what BLKLST were giving to the crowd. But, I definitely saw potential in these guys, and really put theirs all into their time slot, which I really applaud them for. Halfway through their set, BLKLST‘s frontman had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction and tore a hole in the front of his pants, near his crotch. Much to this accident, he had a laugh with the crowd and carried on. I have faith that these guys will be able to perfect themselves in the future. A little more progression in their tunes and take more of a dynamic step with it and their live persona, they’ll meet a greater level of recognition.

Local quintet Advocates brought in a few more people with a loud and face-breaking personality. I could feel the walls shaking more violently than the last band while checking what Advocates had to offer. With the room filling up, Advocates got themselves a few hardcore dancers throwing themselves around to the sounds of their “Complex Truth” EP that was released late last year. Their vocalist Detlyn Raven announced that he had come back from a holiday and was feeling a bit hazy, but honestly, he and the rest of Advocates gave off a pretty intense and well-orchestrated performance. Can only say that it’d be great to see these guys to step things up onto a bigger stage sometime in the future.

Tasmanian locals Save the Clock Tower have been a name I’ve been familiar with for a long time, but never had the chance to properly check them out until now. Though there wasn’t as much movement during this show, Save the Clock Tower still executed a great routine with their latest record “The Familiar//The Decay”. Within their half hour time slot, Save the Clock Tower showed many in The Workers Club how they’ve evolved and how they do things down in Tasmania. Having been the most experienced band on the bill, Save the Clock Tower earned praise from Drown This City during the show, saying that they had taught them a lot of things in their time. With what they’ve given in the past, they’ve still got the energy that’s been building up more and more since they derived.

Having seen Drown This City at the Unify Festival this year, as well as supporting Lacuna Coil last October, I can’t help but think that there’s a bright future on the horizon for these guys. They’ve progressively gotten better one show after the next. Seeing them on a headliner this time around was something else. I have to say that this was the best I had seen of Drown This City since the first time I saw them as a support act. Performing mostly off their “False Idols” EP, the group also dropped some new material for the fans and got a great reception from the audience throughout the set. Vocalist Alex Reade would later tell the audience that every other city they had been gigging were kicking their hometown’s ass, as there was little to no movement until halfway into the set. With more people swinging their arms and legs around and moshing violently in such a tight space, this brought a better atmosphere to what Drown This City was trying to give to the crowd.


Not just Drown This City, but the whole lineup has potential. With Australia’s metal scene still rising greatly and plenty of bands contributing to establishing the country’s sound, it’s safe to say we’re in good hands at the moment. Drown This City had already gotten their first major festival appearance within their second year of being together, so god knows where they’ll be next year. So long as people spread their name after going to each show, along with every band that supports them, things will be looking up, greatly.



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