Projected are not a “Side Project”, in this reviewer’s opinion, but an extension of powerful sounds forged in the beloved music of Sevendust, Alter Bridge and the equally impressive Tremonti. Why mention these bands? Well, Projected is the lead vocals/guitar of Sevendust axeman, John Connolly & bassist Vinnie Hornsby, Alter Bridge/Creed drummer, Scott Phillips, and former Submersed and current Tremonti guitarist, Eric Friedman. Now, these guys are here with their third release, and have taken a hell of a bold step in releasing ‘Ignite My Insanity’ as a double album. Who the hell does that??? These guys, and they are certainly not afraid to take such a risk, given the magnitude of their collective success, as we are gently eased in with “Strike”, which as far as intro’s go, is actually one of the best album intro’s heard in a while that resonates with familiar tones. And before you know it, “Reload” explodes, before Connelly, impressively sings “You stand before me now. You’d always thought I’d be around,” as he makes this a tantalising first song. “Six Feet Below” continues the dynamic you fast realise the band deliver, but it’s maintained and kept fresh with the impressive vocal of Connelly/ Friedman, as the chorus just soars like an eagle. The riffs continue with magnanimous taste on “Vain” and already serve up as a favourite. The parallels with Sevendust will be apparent to many, but enjoy the refreshing melody or twenty that complement each barrage of intense riffiola. You can really tell these guys are having a blast as “Rectify” just packs all the right Sugar Ray Jr combos to floor any metal loving fan.

“Faith” enters the foray with its serene acoustic tones, and makes this a definite single worthy moment. And before you can sigh, “Gomorrah” just smashes that with the trademark standard of the Projected song formula, as a straight up heavy and dirty crusher with almost angelic verses to keep it in perspective. “Heaven Above” brings it back down a notch with an almost southern heavy vibe and another nod to Connolly as a quality vocalist that can hold his own. “10 Years Gone” keeps the tempo nice and set to cruise mode, however Scott Philips lays monstrous fills on this progressive track. “Only” delivers the supreme chunk with melodious fortitude, and that word fortitude is a constant to visualise as the chorus screams “God hates the lonely.”


“Fire” gives respite, before the single “Ignite” rumbles in one of my favourite choruses on this. “Call Me the Devil” provides an interesting and cool verse groove, while “Concede” adds a wicked dance stomp vibe. It’s around this time, where a listener needs to be heavily committed to the artist to continue and stay on board. “Inhuman” punches out more of the goodness that makes this a strong effort, but would the average listener remain entertained? That question will vary amongst the fans and the listeners alike. These guys made it known, that this double album, was a collection of many riffs and ideas that they decided to record, and good on them for doing, as “Better” keeps the journey fun with some quality riffs and delectable vocal harmonies that are too good to ignore. “Hate You Back” hits cruise control, while “Upside Down” kind of drifts a little, and it’s around here shortly into it, that the song just smashes back into place and becomes a gem, that probably should’ve started so, but opinions are just that. The arena riff of “Seconds” is memorable, and then soars like a majestic falcon. “Inside the Sun” brings a calm last stretch home. As we head into the heavy push of “Battlestations”, one could feel the sense of accomplishment achieved by Connolly & co as they have created what few could truly aspire to create in one’s musical career. The track roars with all the tricks and flair that we’re familiar with in their respective bands, as this track brings to a close what has been a consistent and polished effort that gets the nod and thumbs up. There is no denial here, Projected are here to stay and prove more dangerous and daring with no reservations, just an accomplished band of high profile musicians having a blast and sharing their fun with the world. ‘Ignite My Insanity’ should sit atop a mountain peak amongst the collection, as it will shatter mountains with its force of nature groove and shock absorbers may be required, because you will be bouncing. Enjoy!

‘Ignite My Insanity’ is out now via Rat Pak Records, get your copy HERE!