Perth metallers Nucleust explode out the gates mercilessly with “Lullaby Paranoia”, as a complex cerebral onslaught that is apparent within the opening seconds of this track, as “Nothing is Real but Death” takes a slight nod to the Mr Bungle-esque vibe whilst pursuing a relentless twist and turn that immediately shows these guys know how to deliver with an unpredictable complexity that will appeal to tech metal fans alike. The impressively abrasive vocals of Shannon Marston blend into a melodic segue that haunts a sinister charm here, not often heard, but fits in the complex formula these guys create. “Quantum Umbrella” offers a maturity, as it opens and proceeds into a soaring melody that sticks out strong, before unleashing a well-timed and disciplined attack with some great piano heard throughout, as guitarist Max Palizban weaves some intelligent licks and lead work throughout an otherwise cacophonous ripper of a track. That thought transcends into the standout “Re-earth”, that will be a mosh favourite in no time, especially on their epic upcoming Australian tour.

The track cooks and smoulders, before an unusually cool lead dances in the middle before one final pummel to smash your brain cells too. One notable and admirable quality in listening to these guys is the way they build the layers and set the mood of each track. “Of Man And Tree” serves as a quality example and will put smiles on dials with its near mathematical complexity, whilst offering a punishing groove that could summon the Borg and assimilate all who dare question this band and their conduct of riding wave into wave of riffs and technical execution, with props to bassist, Josh Fox & drummer Shay Smith, who hold the backbone with a titanium stance. “Loss of a Dearest” is such an example of the impressive rhythm section cutting an incendiary path of intensity as melodic pause fast makes way for merciless Kang conquering destruction on a layer upon layer soundscape of heaviness, that’d make this a treat to witness live. The ethereal chanting towards the end of the track gives a pleasant surprise with its almost raw feel, that’s heard free of over produced tweaks, before kicking back into the final stretch of sheer punishment.

“The Inner Self” takes us right into modern tech-metal heaven, complete with shades of brutality and melodic snippets before snapping and weaving an aggression of notable appreciation for this Perth quartet. They have clearly taken the time to craft their art into a meticulous recipe, and when you have Forrester Savell(Karnivool, Twelve Foot Ninja) on board to mix and master this album, that was also produced by guitarist Max Palizban, you know these guys are serious about making a great record. The closing finale, “The Symphony of Revenge” wraps this cerebral odyssey with all the right push to make it the personal favourite, with its more straight up metal intensity, with flashes of brilliance throughout and highlighting the opinion that ‘Terra Cerebral’, is a truly great Australian metal record with all the right level of polish to make Nucleust a band to take note and appreciate in this great country of world conquering talent.

‘TERRA CEREBRAL’ is Out July 28th via Rockpit Records

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