Forming in 2015, the lineup from Venom‘s, Prime Evil (1989) got together and Venom Inc. was born. Their Nuclear Blast debut Avé (2017) showcases the live sound of the band.

The angelic sounds of Ave Maria are short lived before the spoken word of bassist/ vocalist Demolition Man croons the daunting words, Ave Satanas. The opening track unleashes the droning guitar of Mantas with heavy hitting leads that are sure to spark some serious head-banging.

The rocking, Forged in Hell, with its killer guitar solo is an early standout. Imagine if Lemmy fronted Ozzy‘s solo band, circa. Zakk Wylde era and you would have a good idea what to expect. Then we have the thrashing Metal We Bleed, which brings speed metal to the table. Coming at a breakneck pace Abaddon plows through. Three-quarters in nifty chord progressions are overpowered by an inspiring guitar lead.

On first listen, the first single Dein Flesch comes across a tad cheesy. Going by the sexual female voices at the beginning and the song title, one could easily be mistaken that it was new blood from Rammstein. Although the single stands apart from other tracks it is not a good example of the album as a whole.

Crushing riffs and splashing cymbals make up one of many track highlights with Blood Stained. Hells bells ring as Demolition Man sings of Satanic flames. Guitars ring like the headless horseman’s runaway steed, never short of a neat solo. Gang vocals are present on Time To Kill, bringing Sodom to mind. The speed metal continues with highlight after highlight in the form of The Evil Dead. The echoing vocals add effect as Mantis runs wild down the fret board like a serial killer on a mission.

From the dirty, hard rocking, Alice Cooper-esque riff of Preacher Man to the marching riffs of War, with enough Iron Maiden, inspired solos to please the guitar enthusiast, the musicianship on Avé is top-notch. Some albums bore towards the end however not the case here as the home-stretch see’s more killer tracks.

I Kneel to No God, features overpowering riffs that are god-size. Going out with a bang in Motorhead style with Black N Roll. Really a celebration of Black Metal and Rock ‘N Roll, one would be daft to miss the party. Hail Satanas \m/

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