There is no doubt about it; Australia is home to some of the greatest bands in the history of music, Melbourne especially being the home to some of the best. One such band that is currently rising through the ranks is Melbourne band Chasing Lana. Having never heard these guys before I had no idea what I was in for but upon hearing their 2016 Ep Suffocate/Medicate, I can now happily say that I am now a huge fan.

The album starts with a massive bang with the powerhouse of a song “Thoughts of Sorrow”. This song cuts straight to the point with an impressive drum fill intro, with powerful verses and an extremely catchy and melodic chorus, I can already see myself replaying this one for hours on end. Two thirds of the way through we are treated to an intricate little bridge section which flows perfectly into the final chorus. The lead guitar and vocals are outstanding throughout this entire track.

“Shame” comes in as the second track which starts off very similar to “Thoughts of Sorrow” in which it just cuts straight to the point with its powerful opening riff.  Starting nice and strong this song takes a step back into a heavy bass driven verse with strong vocals and once again, an extremely catchy chorus.

This brings us to my favourite song of the album, the title track “Suffocate/Medicate”. This phenomenal song kicks your ass from the very first few seconds, continuing into a mad riff and one of the coolest chorus’s you will ever hear. Giving off a real Deftones vibe; I can imagine this being Chasing Lana’s go to sound with future releases which I for one am more than excited for.

“Bitter” for me is the lower point of the album, but that does not mean for a second that this song is to be overlooked, this song keeps up a really cool vibe throughout featuring an astoundingly catchy chorus and blistering guitar solo.

Up next we have the incredibly melodic “Fade Away” bringing us to the softer side of the record.  I had the pleasure of chatting with lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dave Cutting about the meaning behind this song and he explained: “All  the songs have different meanings to me, most of the songs I write are all pretty deep in a way, I tend to focus on a lot of anger and retribution for past break-ups. “Fade Away” for instance, as a band we had the music for quite some time and it took me a while to get what I wanted to say down on paper for the lyrics, the main focus with that song was purely based on depression really, like myself there are so many people out there that go through and battle all types of depression and anxiety and they just don’t feel they belong in this world. I wanted it to come across as a “let’s rise above this and beat this darkness that some of us carry inside”, and just don’t fade away with it… I pretty much wrote the lyrics a couple of days before we went into the studio to record it. I really needed it to be right. I knew I wanted it to have this dark side to it, but more importantly, I wanted everyone who hears to know that they are not alone. If just one person in this world hears this song and they feel that it “saves them’, that they want to see another day, then I feel I’ve done my job!”

Ending this record is an amazing acoustic version of the title track “Suffocate/Medicate” and yes… it’s just as good as the heavy version.

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