Culminating at the start of 2017, “Eloraline” is the self-titled EP from Eloraline, the Hardcore Metal group from Hobart, Tasmania. Their debut single (and music video) of ‘O.A.M’ were well received by the public, and helped them gain their first gig opportunity supporting bands Save The Clock Tower and Drown The City on the Bend/Break Tour. They’ve already got a lot more works within the pipeline, and are eager for those to come to light. However, for now, let’s focus our attention on what they’ve already released.

Eloraline are comprised of band members Jared Foster (vocals), Jeiel Roper (guitar/vocals), Dylan Leary (guitar), Bren Godfrey (bass), and Vance Gillies (drums).

Intro’ is exactly what the title suggests. The instrumental introduction to “Eloraline” is consistent, fluent in its delivery, and sounds great! The ambience behind the music helps heighten the atmosphere that the band are wanting to create, before we embark on the chaos that is sure to ensue throughout the rest of the album.

Opening to strong drum work from Gillies, combined with catchy riffs and synth ambience, ‘Win It or Lose It’ is ambitious, however at times seems to fall a little flat. That being said, let’s not forget this is the band’s debut; they cannot be expected to be perfect on their first outing. Vocally, the screaming isn’t all that bad, but it’s when the clean vocals break through the void that stands out as the hero of the track. Might have its moments, but still a decent track, nonetheless.

Death Row’ demonstrates a vast improvement, both instrumentally and vocally. The make or break with this style of music, vocally, is the screaming; and Foster definitely doesn’t disappoint. Still might be raw in his delivery, but the talent is most certainly there. Gillies’ drum work is featured well throughout the track. Dual guitar work of both Leary and Roper combine seamlessly to create smooth riffs that hit the sweet spot. Once again, just like ‘Win It or Lose It’, the cleaner vocals are showcased perfectly. The combination of both vocal ranges brings this track together well.

Opening, yet again, with brilliant drum work at the hands of Gillies, complimented by the talents of Leary and Roper, ‘Stranglehold’ has you hooked from the opening riff. Foster’s vocals have transcended as the album has progressed, demonstrating his comfortability. Needless to say, the clean vocals break through with tremendous passion, as we’ve seen throughout the album thus far, and as mentioned previously, is definitely something Eloraline should consider highlighting whilst moving forward.

‘O.A.M’, the fore mentioned debut single that brought them success throws you straight into the thick of the chaos, with bellowing screams from Foster. Instrumentals are solid, and the use of keys helps provide another worldly feel to the track; some calm within the storm. Clean vocals again don’t disappoint, and Foster’s vocals continue to demonstrate growth, and promise. Instrumentally, ‘O.A.M’ is the most solid performance the band have put forth.

‘Infinite Fire’ rounds out the EP, with an instrumental opening which is simply superb. Leary and Roper combine their talents, which produce a catchy riff that rips right into you, ensuring you’re hooked in for their final performance. The cleaner vocals showcase a bit of diversity, demonstrating some range we haven’t heard yet, and once again hit it for a homerun. Foster’s vocals are solid, and quite possibly the best they’ve been throughout. Eloraline definitely wanted to save one of the best for last!

For a band who have only formed for a few months, Eloraline are definitely moulding together quite nicely. At times, yes, they might fall a little flat on the ears, but that’s to be expected with new kids on the block. It’s all a learning curve, and I’m sure they’ll take a lot out of their debut, and use it to only make themselves stronger. Definitely one to keep your eyes on!

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