A lot of people are probably aware of TT Quick as the band that current Accept vocalist, Mark Tornillo, was a member of through the 80s.  Formed in 1979, with their first EP released in 1984, this was their first album, released in 1986.  At a time when the LA hair metal scene was in full swing, this New Jersey band stuck to their guns and released an album of classic heavy metal.  Full of raging guitar solos and screaming vocals, theirs was a sound slipping out of vogue at the time.

It’s not surprising to find that guitarist Dave DiPietro was an influence on local guitarists Zakk Wylde and Snake Sabo.  The guitar playing on here is definitely state of the art for 1986.

There’s a lot of variation between songs, with songs like ‘Hell to pay’ having their quieter moments.  This was an ambitious and accomplished band.  Song titles like ‘Metal of honour’ and ‘Hard as a rock’ are pure 80s.  ‘Metal of honour’ starts off sounding like a heavier ‘Look what the cat dragged in’, an album that came out about the same time.

‘Front Burner’ and ‘Hard as a rock’ are pure 80s metal.  If anything, there’s a hint of good Quiet Riot to these songs.  ‘Child of sin’ slows things down, but still keeps them heavy.  Listen to this back to back with ‘Stand up and shout’ by Steel Dragon and see if you can’t notice similarities.  ‘Asleep at the wheel’ is a classic riff driven song.  ‘Come beat the band’ almost feels like ‘Ice cream man’ by Van Halen.

The gang vocals and subject matter of ‘Queen of the Scene’ are more of a nod to the LA scene but still a heavy, rocking song, far more accomplished than anything that say, Ratt, were doing at the time, and certainly heavier.

Cover songs were quite a thing at the time.  The TT Quick EP has a great cover of ‘Fortunate Son’, but the cover of ‘Glad all over’ doesn’t gel as well, because the song is not as good. Nevertheless, the transformation in to a metal song is done with some skill and the result is not terrible.  A definite low point on the album though.

The album wraps up with a ballad, Siren Song.  ‘Sister Christian’ was a huge hit for Night Ranger in 1984, so ballads were often seen as the path to commercial success.  This ballad starts rocking in the first minute or so, and then moves back and forth.  It’s definitely a ballad that metal fans could get behind and a strong close to the album.

The 350minute album ends with acoustic guitar and Mark crooning.  It’s a surprisingly strong end to a strong CD.

These guys went on to make a few more albums and still exist in theory, although Mark’s attention is obviously with Accept.  The EP is definitely worth checking out, but this album is agreed to be their strongest work.  It’s still pretty easy to find on CD on ebay, and of course, it’s on YouTube.   Part of the appeal is obviously hearing Mark ‘back in the day’, but this is definitely a strong 80s metal CD that stands on it’s own right.


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