Wicked Figures, hailing from the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, are a Melodic Hardcore band that haven’t been on the scene long as a collective, only having formed this past January. They all come from past music histories; lead vocalist Matt Morris was in a much heavier band, whilst the other members of Wicked Figures performed as a Chainsmokers cover band, who also performed their own original songs. They had found Morris on YouTube, and reached out to bring him on-board. Thus, Wicked Figures was formed. I had the opportunity to talk with Morris, in relation to the bands motivation to come together, and their inspirations. “We all share the same vision of helping those with our music. For me, listening to music that reflects your own emotions lets you know that you are not alone. And personally, going through some tough times (As Deafening Silence reflects as I wrote it during those times) and I want to help people in any way I can, and music is what I know best.” He also went on to make mention to bands such as A Day To Remember, Knocked Loose, Crown The Empire, Asking Alexandria as being some of their inspirations, while Linkin Park and Of Mice & Men stand out as their biggest influences.

Wicked Figures is comprised of band members Morris (lead vocals), Molly Congreve (rhythm guitar), Justin Keurntjes (lead guitar), Lucas Keurntjes (drums), Vasilios Papadopoulos (bass/backing vocals).

Their debut single ‘Deafening Silence’ holds strong, personal meaning, and is somewhat experimental in relation to what they’ve delivered in their respective past experiences. The track opens with subtle instrumentals, before the distant screams of Morris break through the calm. A lot of bands who are fresh on the scene have a habit of falling into traps that see them lose themselves within the music, and drowning amidst noise – Morris, however, is vocally sound, and is to be commended on his talent. He’s complimented perfectly by the instrumentals surrounding him, with the smooth riffs carrying the track from beginning to end. The instrumentals build throughout the track, showcasing all their respective talents as a whole. The sounds they create together combine seamlessly. The track ends as it slowly fades into obscurity.

Wicked Figures have only been together for a small amount of time, but there’s nothing small about their debut. The track is solid, and throughout it gives demonstration to all their combined talents – from Morris’ vocals, to the instrumentals supporting him, ‘Deafening Silence’ doesn’t disappoint. You can feel their passion with every note they deliver. If they were looking at having an immediate impact, they’re going the right way about. I, for one, cannot wait to see what their future holds, because they possess a lot of talent, and promise.

‘Deafening Silence’ is now available on iTunes.