Brisbane’s Flynn Effect is excited. A new single called “Fade”, new film clip, their first tour and a new album. As a band, why would you not be excited? These orchestral rockers are, and I got to chat with vocalist, Tomina Vincent and discuss all of this. Asking about the single “Fade”, I wondered if this was a personal track, to which Tomina responded, “Definitely a personal one for me. I wrote the lyrics at a time when I was very in love and very unhappy at the same time. I tend to have a thing for building up a positive vibe with my lyrics only to devastate people later in the song, and that’s kind of what happened in this one also. There are a lot of really heavy and painful lyrics throughout the album, so I apologise in advance, someone is going to cry at some point!”

One interesting component to the FE sound, is their use of orchestral sounds, which is very interesting. “Our guitarist Jesse (Higginson) is responsible for those. I think it’s always been an essential part of our music, almost a building block of our songwriting template,” Tomina offers, as I then pursued her thoughts on their new album Obsidian.  “It is somewhat of a reflection of where we were while writing it I think. There’s a lot about love, death, loss, desperation, and of course hope. It is certainly the most honest music we’ve written.” It’s always great to hear a band speak with such honesty and feeling, as I asked where the band recorded. Tomina simply answers, “We recorded in Jesse’s living room actually! We have three audio engineers in the band and that’s actually what Jesse does for a living, so we are very lucky to have this as an option. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I’ve always thought that recording in studios as an emerging band is a huge waste of money, so we were happy to be able to spend it elsewhere.” Well said, and I couldn’t agree more.

The band made a film clip recently for “Fade”, and I asked how the process was for this. “It was so much fun, really quite exhausting and it was our first one so we were stabbing in the dark a bit,” Tomina excitedly responds, as she mentions the band worked with Ben from Third Eye Visuals. Another thing the band is excited about is their first tour as Flynn Effect and Tomina agrees, “It certainly is, but I think we’re more excited than worried.” So I had to know, what’s the bands preference when it comes to touring or recording and Tomina offered her opinion, “I personally hate recording, I find it clinical and I think of music as a transient art form which Is why I much prefer playing live. Both you and the audience get to share a moment in time that’s fleeting and that’s really beautiful to me.” And while it’s great when things are hot, I always wonder how a band stays motivated when it’s not, and Tomina simply replies, “The thing that keeps us motivated is definitely our desire to deliver a great experience to people.”

One aspect I noticed with Tomina, was her personal journey this year and I asked her about it and how she gained inspiration from it. Tomina explains, “Personally it’s been very difficult physically, I’ve struggled with my health a lot this year, and that inevitably spilled into my psyche, but I honestly couldn’t have done it without my band mates. They’re my family and they always help me recover from anything life has to throw at me. There was a point a few months ago when I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to get on stage again, and that kind of uncertainty is devastating. In a bizarre way, all this made me more confident and more calm about not trying to please people, but just do what I really, genuinely want and like, so that’s the kind of mantra I have now.” Wrapping up the chat, I asked what sort of message Flynn Effect aims to portray. “I like to think we come across as a band dictated by their own artistic vision and nothing else. We want people to come to our shows and have fun and forget about the world for an hour. We’re a rock band, but we’re also geeks that love cheesy music”


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