Melbourne six piece Gravemind, kick things off with a brutal assault to the senses on opening track, Eschaton. Vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons groans and roars between spoken words sounding like Beelzebub himself.

Aidan Ellaz of Melbourne heavy hitters, Alpha Wolf makes an appearance on title track, The Deathgate, which follows. Bellows of the beast to hardcore infused screams make for a smooth progression; only instead of water to wine we have water to cordial, as that’s a tad more believable. The use of triple guitar wizards, Damon Bredin, Aden Young and Michael Petritsch cast spells on the avid listener with nifty leads and chaotic riffs. The guitar tone changes on standout track Echo which echoes spoken word and ringing guitar over a hardcore inspired vocal delivery.

An intermission referred to as Deadspace is exactly that as it seems its part of the song previous.  As the punter gets deeper into the abyss or ‘deadspace’ in this case we are dragged into the first single for the EP, Anaesthesia, with its chugging guitar and blistering bass of Josh Renjen.

Raymond Martin showcases drumming abilities of precision changing things up on album closer Human. The musicianship is tight as a politician’s budget and a slick production makes the lads from Melbourne sound world-class.

Call it what you will Gravemind produce one heavy EP with their own lethal cocktail of death metal and hardcore with enough technicality to cause the malfunctions of robots. Support your scene and listen out for Gravemind as they are bound to turn some heads and as the great man, Halford once said, “Some heads are gonna’ roll!”

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