Sydney’s own “Justice For The Damned” are due to release their newest full-length album entitled “Dragged Through The Dirt” on the 11th of August, 2017 and we just so happened to get a promo copy and gave it a hell of a listen.

The album opens with the title track “Dragged Through The Dirt” and you can instantly tell this will be a powerful song as the guitars hit with full force followed by the incredibly punchy industrial sounding drums keeping up a really strong pace. The riffage feels strong throughout.

Following the title track we have “Please Don’t Leave Me”, much like the opening song “Please Don’t Leave Me” starts off super strong with the powerful guitars but quickly begins to lose momentum following the introduction of what I would describe as a generic deathcore sounding verse, with that being said however there are definitely some amazing head banging moments.

The next couple of songs unfortunately I couldn’t really say much about, “Those Eyes” has some pretty solid riff work but that’s about it, whereas “Demon” I didn’t really take much notice until about half way through where we were treated with some really cool sounding melodic lead guitar licks and somewhat clean vocals. Unfortunately a big downside to this album so far is the presence of some extremely repetitive guitar riffs, although they sound strong; I crave uniqueness when listening to a new album.

One thing that did take me off guard however was the eerily dark sounding clean guitar intro of “Beyond The Pale” which I believe really sets the pace of this song as we are treated to what I would describe as an “interesting” guitar riff later, definitely one of the better songs on this album, this incredible riff coming in about half way through sounds evil and when it comes to metal… evil is good.

“It Will Always Be My Fault” comes in next and to be honest I just don’t think the airy screams fit well with this really heavy sounding track, although the alien-like techno section at the end of the song makes up for it.

This brings us to my second favourite song off this record entitled “Agony”. This song literally screams attitude and brutality with its fast paced drums and aggressive guitars. Although the screams I feel fell flat there are some backing clean vocals in this song that really just… fit! This song features some of the better riff work that I love to hear.

And now that brings us to MY favourite track off this album, “Lilac”. From the second this track starts we are hit with easily the best and most powerful riff. Throughout this entire song you will just want to get up and move, or open this pit as they would say. I know I haven’t been kind to the scream vocals on this album but the quality really steps up during this song with the amount of energy resonating from it. “Lilac” is easily the most memorable track from this track and I feel that the drums really shape this one as a real head banger!

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