Who the hell goes to a gig on a Sunday night in Brisbane? Quite a lot of people to tell the truth. It was a busy night at the Triffid, as concert goers got to witness 2 amazing institutions of the (dare I say, without sounding too cliché) Nu-Metal kind in Latin Metal heavyweights, Ill Nino & shockingly good masked brethren, Terror Universal, who were in town to wrap up a mammoth tour that saw both acts dig deep to give us all something special and exceptional. The Triffid is a hell of an awesome venue to go see a gig at, and the staff is a great bunch of people, as getting in was a friendly and painless experience, as one enters what can only be described as pure heavy bliss, with Terror Universal holding court, and holding it damn well, if one may say so. Recently added vocalist Plague, is a menacing and diabolical figure to watch execute each and every song like it’s his last and take all on a journey into his mad and believably twisted world. This guy had nothing to prove, as any preconceived notions were washed by his powerful and impressive vocal range, as well as his engaging presence and interaction with the already enthusiastic Brisbane audience, who were loving each and every moment of this masked horror spectacle that was Terror Universal. They’ve had a hell of a ride since their last Oz visit, and the evolution has come full circle for these guys. Their onstage ferocity and musical muscle alone is a battering ram to the senses with their ‘Reign of Terror’ EP, getting a full workout with standout moments like “Piece by Piece”, the eerie “Dig You a Hole”, as well as their well intensified version of Rob Zombie’s “Superbeast”, that got the whole room’s approval and many a sing along. New tracks from their upcoming debut album, ‘Make Them Bleed’ got a solid workout, and were well received by a very excited audience, who moshed and made these masked metallers feel very welcome. The band owned the stage with an energy that showed a real step up since their Soundwave appearance and change of vocalist. Plague, at one point stretching his arms out and saying “Welcome to my fucking church!” It was a truly believable statement tonight, and when he asked the audience a question, boy did they respond. “You like Terror Universal? Well we dig the shit out of you Brisbane,” was the closing statement from Plague, as it was safe to say; Brisbane dug the shit out of Terror Universal. The mosh pit was alive and well for these guys, and don’t be surprised if they return in the not too distant future.

But tonight was a celebration and a party, as Ill Nino were in town, celebrating their “15 Years of Revolution Tour.” The band played the electrifying debut album ‘Revolution, Revolucion’ in its entirety from start to finish, and the audience were more than ready for this. For many, this album is part of a life journey and a great musical memory that live sounded just as great tonight, as its inception 15 years ago.

Reliving the excitement this band brought to the world with this album was a real treat, and the band was not shy to share their gratitude and appreciation at every opportunity. Opening with the explosive “God Save Us”, it was a 90’s revolution all over again, as vocalist Cristian Macado screamed at the crowd to “Jump the fuck up Brisbane”, and boy did they. The mosh pit alone was also a great sight to watch, as some good old fashioned head banging and body slamming was in full force to the soundtrack of many people’s youth tonight.

Unreal” got the juices flowing and bassist Laz Pina is a true master of the stage, as are all his fellow band members, but Laz however, has some seriously cool dance moves and finesse onstage. He and fellow axe wielders, Diego Verduzco and superstar shredder, Ahrue Luster are working the crowd and jumping together like a well-oiled machine, as “I Am Loco” is raising the roof, and Cristian gets overwhelmed by the love from the audience, screaming every word back at him, that on more than one occasion, he gives vocal duties to the crowd in parts, much to the audiences glee.

Drum Mega God, Dave Chavarri is in superior form, working the beats like a boss and his stick twirl symbol strikes are still as impressive as ever. Let’s not forget the percussion prowess of Oscar Santiago, who commands his kit equally as impressive with panache and symbiotic ferocity that compliments and flows with Chavarri’s dominating presence onstage. The band have reached the end of their tour and you can tell the boys are pretty wiped, but the adrenaline they feed on and off the audience is both remarkable and inspiring in “Revolution, Revolucion”, as Cristian commands the audience to keep the revolution alive.

Laz takes a moment to send some love to the crew and friends and even a certain Brisbane band (Darkcell), and the audience approve. The band then scales things down to play the beautiful “With You” that has the whole place singing along. Even Chavarri’s young daughter, is sitting next to her Dad, singing every word, which is beautiful. The band wrap things up with an onslaught of “Te Amo” and “How Can I Live” from their ‘Confessions’ album, before bringing the house down with “This is War” from ‘One Nation Underground’ to bring things to an exhilarating close and a drenched audience, baptised in the Latino goodness of one of the most loved live acts to return to these shores. Here’s to another 15 Ill Nino, and yes, we are ready for another album.