Apate are a 5 piece down tuned experimental nu-metal core band from Brisbane, and that’s the calm introduction before we discuss how brutal and vital their new EP, Spit You Out, as an essential part of the Core Fans collection. This EP begins with “Fugue”, which really sets an impressive haunting tone, as far as intros go, before the droning guitar intro of “Bone Syndrome” unleashes a pummeling attack on the senses that ticks all the boxes for this style, with a nod to the impressive production that captures every intricate detail of this merciless sound. This song covers an interesting contrast of styles with hints of Nu-Metal to the standard heavy “core” sounds we hear a lot of these days, but these guys bring a fresh vibe which is brave to say, but there you go. Continuing into “Split”, which the guitars really introduce well before David Hensler’s drums beat into the march of this instant pit classic. There’s a venomous and Meshuggah-esque nod in parts that I notice a bit with these bands, but that’s not a bad thing at all. It works and Apate are kicking goals. “Split” spits a heavy stream of steady pummelling beats and guitar swirls, complimented by heavy ass bass rumble by Tim Wheaton, who holds in the groove like a boss. But Zakk Ludwig makes this track all the more convincing with a pure vindictive tone and approach that compliments the heavy as hell tones these guys rip out.


“Hangman” starts with a really cool Nu-Metal almost Korn-flavoured vibe that will be sure to get many a mosh happening, before bringing it down like a tsunami and calming to an interesting barrage of vocal from Zakk that conducts a brutal vocal to a steady beat that holds court before unleashing back into what can only be described as circle pit friendly pandemonium. Insert fly kicks here! Definitely a standout track in the mix. Then the title track and single drops on you and if you dig this music, you will just thing “wtf is happening”, cause this track just freaking rocks. And the chorus! This is a really well written and executed chorus that got my attention and took me by surprise. The venomous and unadulterated spit of the verses sets such a merciless tone, but the chorus is one of the best moments, if not the best moment on this EP that will surprise many.

The subtle tones introducing “Jackal” are just that, before the brutality kicks right into pummel speed and drives a hard right into the jaw, complete with breakdown happy vibes that make this just a sheer death-gasm of the morbid kind. Then the ep comes to a close with the pogo feels of “Bitter Pill”, packed with some clever riffing, before Zakk just cuts loose and tears a new one with the heavy as f**k tone droning throughout. The progressive feel of this track, complete with a killer rhythmical spit from Zakk made this EP a complete pleasure to listen in all its heaviness. The way these guys have approached the various style and sound on this is second to none. Brisbane should be stoked to have a band like Apate around. These guys kick ass!

Spit You Out is out August 25th! Pre-order your copy HERE!