Triggerfinger is a trio from Belgium with one eye firmly on the past.  They have had hits in Europe and opened for the Rolling Stones there.  After four studio albums, they set to mix things up this time, which apparently was mostly done by changing the mix of instruments on different tracks, notably replacing the guitar with a second bass on some tracks (such as Royal Blood do).

The first song starts with a driving riff.  When you know it has two basses and no guitar, it becomes obvious, but it doesn’t stand out otherwise.  It’s probably the heaviest track on the CD.  It’s also the title track.

Flesh Tight” is a straight-up, ’60s-sounding rock song.  It’s one of many songs on this CD that brings T-Rex to mind if they had been a bit more adventurous.

Candy Killer is slow and funky.  It almost sounds like a possible Prince track.

Upstairs Box is a driving rock song that again sounds like T-Rex meets Rival Sons.  The vocals are pure Marc Bolan.  

Afterglow is an acoustic ballad, a welcome splash of colour in the sonic palette of this CD.  It picks up for a guitar solo towards the end before dropping down again.

Breathlessness is, in many ways, a more modern-sounding, mid-tempo rock song, although the ’60s/’70s influences are still clear.

That’ll Be the Day has a retro name, but is also not a hugely retro song.  With fuzz bass and soaring vocals, it’s a modern rock/pop song.

Bring Me Back a Wild Live One” is the most T-Rex-sounding songs on the CD.  It’s all the better for it.

Steady Me is probably one of those tracks where they experimented with different sounds, and the end result sounds like an album track off a record like “Sgt Peppers”.  One that was best listened to while high.

Woollensak Walk is almost two songs joined, one slow and moody, and the second sounding like a Johnny Cash outtake.

Overall, this is a strong and interesting album for people who like a bit of retro-sounding music.  It’s certainly quite mainstream to sound this way, and they appear to have already enjoyed commercial success as a result.  Metal is a broad church, and many metal fans will find much to get their teeth into here, even if it’s as a brief respite from heavier fare.

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