To be honest, I’m a little jealous of those that live in the Scandinavian region. Not just because of how many incredible bands come from their continent, but also because of how solid and top notch they are in executing the music that they all incarnate. That being said, Korpiklaani have represented their hometown of Lahti, Finland for well over twenty years, with nine full-length studio records’ worth of material to share to the world. Seeing as many worldwide have regarded them as a festival favourite, Korpiklaani have given those that have yet to be among the hundreds of thousands to witness them in the flesh a chance to purchase their upcoming Live at Masters of Rock live record, to show them what they’re all about.

Obviously taking place at the Czech Republic’s world-renowned Masters of Rock festival, the album/DVD comes with two different shows that Korpiklaani performed at. The first disc takes place in 2016, which features tracks off their latest studio record – Noita, and the second disc focuses on their 2014 appearance, where they performed a majority off their Manala LP. Throughout the entirety of the live album, you get yourself a mix of (at the time) new Korpiklaani tunes with a mix of fan favourites such as ‘Kultanainen,’ ‘Vodka,’ ‘Metsämies,’ ‘Journey Man,’ ‘Happy Little Boozer’ and many more.

I don’t know what most people visualise when they’re in the midst of a live record, but something that’s always sat with me is that they give you a feel for what the band are able to bring to a show. But, to analyse it a bit better, for Live at Masters of Rock, the production and mixing into the live recordings of Korpiklaani’s music has the ability to put you in the moment. As in, you feel as though you’re there, witnessing the show yourself. And all of that is thanks to Svante Forsbäck, who has mastered live albums and DVDs for Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius and Rammstein. Because of Forsbäck’s clean and effortless work on mastering this little ditty, he’s given Live at Masters of Rock a spirit; a really lively one, at that.

Personally, having never seen Korpiklaani and listening to very little Folk Metal, they’ve been a band I’ve easily been able to identify as a phenomenal group, whether it be listening to a studio album or even watching clips of them on YouTube. Listening to this for the first time really shot my hopes right through the roof, and got me feeling as if I was actually in the pit along with the Czechoslovakian audience that caught them at the Masters of Rock festival in 2014 and ‘16.

Whether you’re a dedicated Korpiklaani fan or one that’s just begun entering the world of alcohol-inspired Finnish Folk Metal crossover music, it really doesn’t take much for Live at Masters of Rock to pull you right into the album’s limbo. No matter the set you choose to watch or listen to, you’re going to be in for one hell of a treat that’s equivalent to a thousand pints of Sahti standing right in front of you.

Live at Masters of Rock is out August 25 via Nuclear Blast Records. Preorder your copy HERE!

Korpiklaani - Live at Masters of Rock