“Call Broken Arrow”, the new video from AT THE DRIVE IN, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band’s first album in seven years, “Inter Alia” (Latin for “among other things”), which was released on May 5 via Rise Records.

Directed by Rob Shaw“Call Broken Arrow” acts as the prequel to the video for “Hostage Stamps”, as it unfolds a story of previously seen prisoner and faceless captors — with an eerie appearance by mechanized spiders. Using the same intricate mix of digital and stop-motion animation, the video for “Call Broken Arrow” gives viewers a closer look behind the man’s reason for imprisonment.

Shaw explains: “In ‘Hostage Stamps’, we have a prisoner being tortured and monitored by some sort of authoritarian organization. The guys wanted to show why he was imprisoned, as well as cast doubt over his innocence. It’s funny how in stories, especially film stories, you tend to sympathize with whoever you spend time with. When you watch someone being mistreated, the assumption is that person is the victim. ‘Call Broken Arrow’ is in part about illustrating the prisoner’s culpability, but even that is in doubt as we see the Watcher character who follows him around slipping something in his drink at the end.”

The striking animation featured in “Call Broken Arrow” utilized what Shaw describes as an “old film technique approach” — the team used rotating buildings, sliding clouds and in-camera practical effects to create an immersive world for the viewer.

Produced by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Rich Costey at Hollywood’s Sound Factory“Inter Alia” picks up where 2000’s “Relationship Of Command” left off… and rockets off into myriad other trajectories as unpredictable as they are intense.

“Inter Alia” track listing:

01. No Wolf Like The Present
02. Continuum 
03. Tilting At The Univendor
04. Governed By Contagions
05. Pendulum In A Peasant Dress
06. Incurably Innocent 
07. Call Broken Arrow 
08. Holtzclaw 
09. Torrentially Cutshaw
10. Ghost-Tape No. 9
11. Hostage Stamps