A crash course in brutality! Metalcore as its best, combined with sublime melodies and terrifying riffs.

This band from Geelong, Victoria is a surprise package and they can throw punches in succession with this record. Their brand of Metal is refreshing and cool as ice, is intense and you can feel the anguish and pain in some stages with a few surprises. All in all this will turn heads around and set the band to a new level.

With the ‘Prologue’ kicking in, is a moment of soothing passages giving a taste of what’s to come until ‘Home Wrecker’ drops like a bomb and it’s game on! Heavy riffs pouring down like a torrential rain, bass lines that feel like a hammer blow, pummelling drums and vocals leading the charge, this song is a statement that this band are here to destroy everything in its path. ‘Worm Food’ brings a moment of clarity again but it’s not long until the madness sets in again, those heavy riffs are twisting and it feels like a thousand blades coming at you. Hardcore is a genre that is played with intensity and the musicianship shows they are in their A-game here.

‘Shadow Puppet’ has addictive guitar licks going all the way through and is catchy, I can picture a huge moshpit here as this track is full of intensity and anger. You can just feel the adrenaline building slowly and this band is working hard to give you a good experience. ‘Monolith’ has a face melter intro riff and comes like a wild dog, the ferocity is unleashed destroying everything again. What I like the most is they can bring total chaos and the next minute there’s a moment to take a breath with their sublime passages of delicate melodies but they give way to monster riffs.

Sound-wise this record is top notch, you can hear everything from those twisting riffs and the vocals delivering an unforgettable experience, it’s great to see the local talent delivering slabs of crunching Metal with so much passion and dedication.

The last two songs of the album are a total highlight and looks like they left these two songs so we can bend on our knees and ask for mercy. ‘Lydia’ with that sinister guitar intro that merges into an obnoxious guitar lick, over and over you can hear that. Those vocals are in total anguish, the adrenaline levels are high and this band is in total control now from subtle passages to chaotic rhythms, raise your hands and pump your fist high on the air as this songs bring the intensity levels up.

‘Nausea’ is the last track of the album and is a total eye opener. Those female vocals are a real treat and will turn lots of heads around. It’s good to see bands stepping out of the comfort zone and this song shows exactly where is this band heading, a total anthem and I’m sure this will be a crowd favourite when it is played live, a total accomplishment from Amberyse.

Overall this album gives you a great listening experience, the future looks bright. I hope I’m not wrong.


Amberyse - Born too Familiar