The lads of Dead Lord are back for another album. Rockers hailing from Stockholm, Sweden are set to release the record In Ignorance We Trust on the 25th of August. Formed by guitarist and vocalist Hakim Crimea and drummer Adam Lindmark then later joined by Olle Hendenstrom and Martin Nordin, the group signed to Century Media Records and two albums and three singles later, here we are.

Dead Lord are a band that’s absolutely going to remind you of the good ol’ days of classic hard rock and Heavy Metal. Upon listening you’ll immediately be treated with what sounds like a blend between Black Sabbath and KISS, which while sounding incredibly familiar also creates a unique sound that most likely would’ve thrived in the 70s and 80s.

Getting into the meat of this album, we start off with the killer track ‘Ignorance’ which starts with a meaty bass riff, fast-paced drums and groovy strumming of the guitar. Harmonic vocals feature on this song and gives it a really classic feel. This song really amps you up and comes straight out of the golden days of Heavy Metal.

The second track ‘Too Late’ starts us off where the first left us, very similar song in terms of instrumentals with the exception that this song seems to be more rock than Metal. The band does this a lot over the course of this album, some songs are darker and heavier sounding and some are a more traditional rock sound. Guitar solos are another big staple on this record, some of them really add to an already awesome song while others seem to try and lift up a song that’s run a bit flat by the time it got to the solo.

The third track ‘Reruns’ is by far the most memorable song on this album. The shredding guitar licks, a head bobbing drum beat, catchy chorus and the bridge which leads into an incredibly impressive guitar solo which illustrates the point of a guitar solo adding to an awesome song that I made earlier. ‘Reruns,’ ‘Never Die’ and ‘Darker Times’ are definitely high points on the tracklist.

Aside from all the hard rock bangers and the Metal jams, there’s the sombre couple ‘Leave Me Be’ and ‘Part of Me.’ These songs are slower and emotional with instrumental elements that really make them stand apart from the others, for example ‘Part of Me’ begins with harmonica and then over the course of the song slowly builds up before kicking in the drums halfway through the song and changing the song. ‘Leave Me Be’ on the other hand features sorrowful instrumentals and vocals to match.

Any critical notes I could make about this band would have to be that listening to too much of it makes it feel bland and causes the songs to blend together and lack memorability. Some songs in the album stand out more than others definitely but nevertheless this is an impressive band worthy of where they’re at. Signed to a label and cruising along making tunes.


Dead Lord - In Ignorance we Trust