Flying all the way across the pond from Dayton, Ohio, Hawthorne Heights are hitting Australian shores for a seven show tour where they will be playing BOTH of their first two albums The Silence In Black And White and If Only You Were Lonely from start to finish in their entirety! The tour, which starts Monday August 28th in Perth, sees the bands make their way via Adelaide, Melbourne and up the East Coast before flying over to Auckland for one solidary New Zealand show.


During this visit down to Australia, Hawthorne Heights are being supported by River Oaks, Spitalfield and Sienna Skies; OVERDRIVE got the opportunity via email to speak to J.T Woodruff from Hawthorne Heights, Mark Rose from Spitalfield and Shane Told from River Oaks before the upcoming tour and asked all three of them the exact same questions. Let’s get into it, shall we?


How did things work out that you guys are able to share a tour down under together; who approached who?

JT: I’m always looking to tour with friends, and people I get along with.  It’s great to be able to play shows with people you have mutual respect for. Especially when sharing a van, with a lot of long drives. I asked Shane, in return for him bringing me on his River Oaks tour. And because I am a fan of what he does, Mark Rose is my spirit animal.  He’s just great to be around, and a flawless musician. We get along with the Sienna Skies boys, so we are happy to have them as well.

MR: I go way back with both the Hawthorne Heights fellas and Shane! With HH performing their first two albums, the timing is perfect for me to hop on with the throwback set. I’m also excited to get back over, as my first time was with Spitalfield back in 2007 and I’ve been wanting to come back ever since. I’m just stoked for the opportunity!

ST: Well we’ve all been friends for well over a decade now.  I went out on a little solo run in the USA and asked Mark to come out and it was so much fun  I did a second one and asked JT to jump on.  We all played Vegas together and it was such a great vibe, so when JT mentioned Hawthorne was looking to do something cool in Australia, I jumped at the chance to come along, especially when I heard Mark was already on board.


JT, what song(s) are you most excited to play live on this tour?
We are playing a marathon set, something like 25+ songs. We have never done that so I’m excited to do this for the fans; most importantly I hope they enjoy it.

Mark/Shane, what song(s) are you most excited to see Hawthorne Heights play on this tour/what song(s) are you excited to play yourself?

MR: Since I am playing a throwback set, I suppose I am most looking forward to just cutting loose a little bit.  The material is a bit different than my current solo stuff, but that will be part of the fun.  Songs from the old catalogue I’m probably most excited about are ‘Texa$ with a Dollar Sign’ and ‘Those Days You Felt Alive’; although, whatever songs get the best reaction will likely become my quick favorites to play.  Haha.

ST: It’ll be cool to hear Hawthorne play some of the deep cuts I haven’t heard since the very early days.  That will really bring me back.  As for me, I’m stoked to play some Silverstein songs the fans don’t get the hear every day and they get to hear a few of the hits in a much different way.  Should be really rad.



I was looking at the tour info and I saw that you’re doing 7 shows within 8 days; how are you meant to enjoy the sights of Australia when you’re travelling almost every day?

JT: You just have to keep your eyes open when in Australia. The country is beautiful, but very vast. So the drives are always crazy long, so if you sleep too long…you don’t get to see much.  I plan on sleeping when I arrive back in Dayton Ohio. As always, we gotta make this count.

MR: That’s always the ultimate struggle!  Gonna do my best to explore when given the opportunity.  Some cities will come and go quickly, others we’ll get to hang around a bit longer.  I’ll take what I can get, although I’ve gotta make it back over for a legit vacation, sometime.

ST: Well, to be completely honest I have come to Australia a lot of times now with Silverstein…. Maybe 8-9 times?  I’ve held the koalas and fed the kangaroos… haha I’m mostly excited to see some friends I’ve made over the years and just play awesome shows.  I am very excited for all the awesome Australian food.  And Campos; Campos coffee… hook it to my vein.

Is there anything that you guys want to get to do whilst in Australia that you haven’t done previously?

JT: I plan on pounding flat whites, eating chicken salt by the kilo, and smiling through these long drives. We might not have time to do much, but we will make the most of it. I’m traveling with my family right now on holiday to Cairns, so I’m finally going to witness the Great Barrier Reef; so excited for that.

MR: Seems unlikely based on our scheduling, but I’d love to take in some sports.  I’m open to suggestion!  I’m definitely into trying local foods and beverages — so I’ll do my best to eat and drink local, and try to do my research with what’s around each venue.

ST: I’ve been told I can’t hang with wombats because they’re too dangerous but I still wanna hang with a wombat!  Also, I’m hoping they let me drive the bus because driving on the other side of the road and car sounds fun; I may kill us all though.


What does the remaining 3 1/2 months of 2017 hold in store?

JT: We are trying to write as many new songs as we can. We’re also going on the Warped Rewind At Sea Cruise. It’s been a busy year, and we are looking to close it out strong. We don’t need to sleep.

Aside from this trip, I’m looking forward to enjoying Riot Fest weekend at home in Chicago. I’m going to be performing select weekends and small week long trips throughout the Fall & Winter, and then get started on some new recordings.

ST: Wow this year’s gone fast.  I have tours coming in Germany, UK, Canada and USA.  And I’m gonna be writing River Oaks full length.  Stay tuned!  And 2018 is gonna be even bigger.

Are there any countries that you haven’t been to before that you want to cross off performing in before too long/any countries that you are dying to get back to and perform in?

JT: We are really excited about New Zealand this time around as we’ve never been there.  We would also love to go to Iceland, South America, and South East Asia; I hope that we can eventually make those happen. We will never turn down Australia or Japan as we absolutely love our fans there!

MR: Even though I’ve had music released over there, I’ve never made it to Japan.  I’ve heard it’s a super fun and unique experience and would love to make that happen!