Those who are familiar with Lock Up know that they are the Grindcore equivalent of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes; it started out as a side project of members from other bands that have come together and turned into a supergroup of epic proportions!

Since forming back in 1998, the band still has two of the original four founding members playing to this day: Nicholas Barker (Drums) and Shane Embury (Bass) are joined by Anton Reisenegger (Guitar) and Kevin Sharp (Vocals) are joining forces with Brujeria and Australia’s own Black Rheno in supporting Napalm Death on their Australian tour starting October 6th in Hobart. OVERDRIVE got the opportunity to sit down and speak to Sharp about the upcoming trip to Australia.

The opening response from Sharp was in regards to sharing a stage with Napalm Death and Brujeria was “It’s awesome because we’re all really old friends and have played together for not only a long time, but have just finished a tour of Europe with them!” before he touched further on how excited the band is to finally make the trip down to our shores as a collective:

“It’s awesome! We’re all really good and old time friends; I’ve been coming to Australia since the early 90s but the band haven’t been here before so we’re super excited. We’ve all been down individually; in fact Nick Barker recently was there with Nuclear Assault but it will be nice to go down as friends and spend some time with each other. To be quite honest, I don’t think I’ve done any shows down here with Zeppe; with any of these bands actually!

Touching on the fact that Sharp has already been down to Australia, is there one thing that Sharp hasn’t gotten to do yet that he wants to cross off this time around?

“I don’t know; I mean, I’ve been down to Australia quite a lot and played with some good Australian bands back in the early 90s. I’ve probably seen more of Australia than most Australians. Back in the day, the tours used to be 26 shows! Now I just toddle around between the major cities like Melbourne to Adelaide, but back then we used to hit Ballarat along the way. I’ve seen a lot of things, but more importantly it’s about seeing old friends like the guys from Blood Duster; people we don’t get to see too often, those are the things I’m most looking forward to. Back in the day we used to camp out between shows and just share awesome times drinking; I’ve had my fair share of Victorian Bitter (laughs)”

Further touching on the fact that Sharp has already been to Australia, this interviewer was curious as to which city he was most looking forward to getting to visit again; Sharp let OVERDRIVE know that “it’s going to sound weird but I really love Hobart; the first time I went there was a couple of years back and the people are just completely off their guts! It’s just an interesting and relaxing place. It’s like going to the north of Scotland, as it’s just so interesting and unique.”

OVERDRIVE asked Sharp what song(s) he and the rest of Lock Up were most looking forward to playing upon their visit to Australia; Sharp responded with one of the most honest and professional answers this interviewer has ever heard:

“To me, it’s all like one ride; the set-list is pretty good so it’s hard to pick one song. We have either a thirty or forty minute set list, so we aren’t quite sure of time restraints just yet. There are four bands to play at each show, so we don’t know how it will go. We’re lucky enough to have enough songs that it’s hard to pick out one specific song to play, just know it will just be high energy and all killer, no filler!”

Now that Lock Up will be crossing Australia/NZ off the “must visit” list before too long, is there anywhere left for Lockup to cross off in future?

“That’s a very good question; the band technically has played everywhere BUT Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately we’re only doing the one show in Auckland but we hope to get back there to do more shows at some point before too long! We’re going from NZ to Japan so it’s good to get to take Lock Up to Japan! Both Nick and Shane have been there before, so they’ve told us what sort of fun to expect (laughs)”

So what does the rest of 2017 have in store for Sharp and the rest of Lock Up after they visit Japan? Sharp lets us know that “the irony is that we’ve got a tour of the States coming up and I’ll be tour managing that so I’m going to be looking forward to some rest (laughs) We’re doing like thirty shows across the States!” before answering an on the spot question about how long he has been interested in tour managing:

“I’ve tour managed every band that I’ve been in; I’ve never really cared too much to do it for someone else’s band but I’ve always wanted to do it for the bands that I’m in. I just want to be home building things; I build things and I destroy music!”