If you love a good mosh, you’ll know how much your shoes can take a beating. A lot of you might even have assigned yourselves a pair or two of designated mosh kicks. Some of you may have even decorated these beloved shoes with the logos of your favourite bands. Over the years I’ve seen everything from permanent marker scribblings on good old Chuck Taylor’s, to some immensely creative hand painted works on the likes of Deviant Art. If DIY is not your thing but you’d love to utilise another piece of everyday attire as a means for representing your favourite bands, the good news is that with a bit of hunting you just might be able to find yourself a ready-made pair, thanks to the wonderful world of retail.

So folks, get your hard earned cash at the ready; here’s some examples of what’s currently available:

Shoes are not a known find amongst official merchandise webstores; however 30 Seconds to Mars have gone ahead and taken the liberty of producing their own ‘Triad’ sneakers.









When a problem comes along, you must whip it… and when Devo’s shoe game is strong, you must buy them. The shoes are a limited edition release by Macbeth:

Vans brought us Warped Tour, and now they have also brought the goods with a rad line of shoes such as those shown below:























































There’s quite a range of Misfits shoes available in both women’s and men’s styles, such as these by Draven:

Iron Fist have also put out a glow in the dark bad boys:

Ladies, you can even rock some heels or get comfy in a pair of Ugg boots, also by Iron Fist:









Draven also have a Slipknot range:






















As well as these Green Day kicks:









Converse are showing the love for Green Day also:








Black Sabbath also have a glorious line of Converse sneakers:















If you’ve got a funky pair of DIY band shoes, or a retailed pair not included in this list then show them off in the comments section. Oh, and happy hunting!