Only 2 weeks and a bit to go until the fourth edition of Metal United Down Under (MUDU). Metal all over Australia. Fans, bands, promoters, labels, metal media, metal groups… united in one big project in which everybody can participate. 16 cities have signed up and put on a MUDU show. Geelong and Wagga Wagga recently joined the MUDU project while Darwin had to cancel their show due to venue problems. We are also excited to have some new cities like Port Pirie and Orange on board. The complete list of shows is available on our MUDU website.

This is the biggest MUDU with more cities and bands than before – 141 bands have been lined up. To drop some names: Psycroptic (MUDU Melbourne), Elm Street (MUDU Sydney), Reign of Terror (MUDU Canberra), Tyrant (MUDU Hobart), Sickness (MUDU Port Pirie) and Witchgrinder (MUDU Wagga Wagga). We have compiled a complete list of bands playing MUDU providing a good overview of the broad range Australian metal has to offer.

Now all what is left is to pick a city, get a ticket and support Aussie metal! \m/

Adelaide: Moshtix
Brisbane: Moshtix
Hervey Bay: Eventbrite
Lismore: Eventbrite
Melbourne: Moshtix
Sydney: Moshtix
All others door only tickets.

A special mention for Newcastle: 9 bands from Newcastle are on the bill. The promoter has set up a placeholder 10th band whose proceeds from door share will be donated to Westpac Rescue Helicopter. His decision is based on a personal story.

Metal United Down Under Volume I

The first MUDU compilation is available now. 16 Australian bands contributed across the genres and we are very proud with the outcome. The compilation has already been distributed in Germany. Check out the gallery “Promoting MUDU compilation in Wacken”.

A limited number of copies will be available at the MUDU shows. Make sure you get your copy!

Find out more about the participating bands on our MUDU website:

About: Metal United Down Under (MUDU) is an initiative to create a united event with many Australian cities and a wide range of metal and metal related genres. MUDU aims to move the widespread metal community closer together by having shows all over the country simultaneously; all MUDU shows take place on the same day under the same banner. MUDU offers bands a stage to extend reach and fan base and targets specifically Australian underground metal bands. On average 100 bands per year participate making MUDU the largest metal underground event in Australia.