Originally known as the melodic hardcore band Burning Down Alaska, a name change and extra members later we now have Alazka, a six piece from Germany who have recently added a second clean vocalist in Kassim Auale, originally from the band Breakdown at Tiffany’s. Alazka’s new album Phoenix is a 12 track, unique softer take on the melodic end of metalcore with their energetic guitars mixed with emotional lyrics from screamer and clean vocalist’s collectively.

Throughout the album new vocalist Auale takes a leading role in the vocal performances supported by the essential screams of Tobias Rische. Songs like ‘Phoenix’, ‘Legacy’ and ‘Empty Throne’ provide the bands archetypal sound with the vocal exchanges of clean and screaming between Auale and Rische, which give the band a range of hard rock and metal. This album will be familiar to many listeners of the metalcore genre as Alazka’s sound exemplifies and focuses primarily on the melodic part of the metalcore genre with their sound including electronic undertones; energetic growls mixed with emotional clean vocals and is sure to strike a chord with many new fans for the band. Their style doesn’t always mix with their vocalists and almost seems to clash at times in some songs but their song ‘Hearts of Gold’ and ‘Everglow’ are some of the better songs from the album giving a heavier sound for the album and the few times where original vocalist Rische takes the dominant role on the song.



Alazka have taken a courageous and distinctive approach to try something new in often repetitive or replicative genre at times, Phoenix does possess some solid guitars and drum sounds but is an album definitely reliant on the strong vocal presence of their singers who carry the sounds of many of your favourite bands on any melodic and metalcore albums. I guarantee this band has and will divide metal fans with the unique take on the genre with their softer songs and their passionate lyrics. Alazka and their album Phoenix mix and match their sounds bordering on a pop sound and then moving onto the classic hardcore sounds, sometimes in the same song. This album is recommended for listeners who enjoyed the sounds of bands like Dream On Dreamer and the recent work of The Amity Affliction.