It’s not every day that a band decides to call it a day but for Melbournians My Echo, they decided it was time to call it a day. Down an alley near China town in the heart of Melbourne, upstairs at the Ding Dong Lounge is where they will finish their time after starting back in 2011.


People start clearing out at about 10 to 9 after playing a fun game of Rock and Roll Bingo and the fans start coming in to get their stamp and see what will be the band’s penultimate show of their career. With a few surprises in store,  there’s already the feeling that it’ll be a good night.


Starting the night was Sydney siders Down For Tomorrow. Not billed on the poster, it was a welcome addition to the night because who can say no to more music on what already looks to be a late night?


Having never been outside of Sydney and playing with My Echo last week, they got asked to join on the Melbourne leg and they had flights booked the next day. Think Yellowcard with Jimmy Eat World. It was a great mix and was a great way to kick off the night! It’s easy to see these guys making a name for themselves in the future with their sound and youth.


Rock and roll trio The Quarters brought the people in from various places through the venue to bring the billed night to a start. Having been formed back in 2005, they brought with them a dedicated fan base to enjoy their classics from their 2011 album Tik Tik Boom, as well as a newly announced album coming out later in the year. This brought their fans front and center of the unguarded stage.


Showing a lot of energy on stage, Christopher James, Stephanie Jane and Braiden Mann showed why My Echo chose them to be a part of their final Australian tour. Having a ton on fun on stage during the likes of ‘Daylight’ and ‘Chevrolet‘, the crowd watched on and had a laugh at the antics that were happening on stage. Many old school fans of The Quarters were definitely enjoying what they were putting on and were excited to hear the mix of old and new. Closing the set with their new song ‘Chaos’, they finished with the energy they started with and even left myself wanting just a little bit more.


Former King Cannons front man, Luke Yeoward, headed the main support act The 131s to lead into the main of the night. Having only just formed last year, these Melbournians are already making a name for themselves in the surf-punk genre. They definitely showed it tonight with Yeoward looking like he straight up came from the 1950’s.


Going though crowd favourites like My Way, ‘Destroyed Images and ‘Tsunami’, the people were merrily singing along. Even throwing in a brand new untitled song into the show, people still chanted “These hands live by Rock and Roll! These hands die by Rock and Roll” and got more of the crowd into the fun. Though when they decided to throw a cover of The Only Ones ‘Another Girl, Another Planet that’s when the floor started to move. The move and groove and chanting continued into “Kids in LA”. After a delay at the start with the tech though, the set closed on ‘Northbound Drive and even with it cut short had everyone enjoying themselves before the main act for the night.


The excitement was easy to see for My Echo. Spending time throughout the night to say hello and thank you to those who made it and those people showing appreciation to the boys for the work they did was a constant. If there was one thing that made the night for My Echo though was easily the crowd and their enthusiasm to make the night one to remember not just for themselves but also the band.


They started strong yet the crowd went absolutely insane for the favourite ‘Meet You There. With constant encouragement from the bassist Steve,  there was never a shortage of people on shoulders, crowd surfers and jumping around. This seemed to be a theme throughout Old and Grey‘, ‘Cut It Out and ‘Small Town’.


I don’t think the boys of My Echo knew what was going to truly happen though when people were told to get up on stage to sing Bang Bang Bang!’. The stage was rushed and all mics taken up by fans to sing loud and proud while at the same time tripping over cables and knocking the bass out of tune. The band did declare they loved it though so there was a plus.


After finishing the set with the much loved ‘Overworked and Underpaid, there was possibly the shortest interval for an encore that I have ever experienced! Jumping straight into Do or Die, lead singer Brenton invited friend of the band Leeroy to join them on stage to play guitar for them (followed with very loud “LEEEEROY” in the tone of the old Leeroy Jenkins meme).


The crowd were in a hype and they didn’t want to drop the feel anytime soon so jumped into ‘Veins’ which started making things crazier yet it still didn’t match the excitement when former guitatist Darcy joined them on stage during ‘For Old Times Sake. The small venue ended up having a moshpit open, people flying into a crowdsurf and arms were waving everywhere.


Its very easy to tell that My Echo are putting everything they have into their last ever shows. It may almost be time over but tonight showed that there’s many people who wished they would continue. For all those there thay night, however, will always have a place in their heart for this punk outfit.


Summary: a high energy show to say goodbye that makes you wish the breakup wasn’t so.



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