An outstanding effort by this young band, expect total anthems galore!

How many bands are out there play this sort of style? You probably won’t have enough fingers to count them all as there’s so many out there but it is Across the Atlantic one of them? You could say yes but I think they are not, probably 50/50, but in truth I don’t think so as what they do is totally different, especially when they blend two styles in one and the results are of epic proportions. They have a great following and I know those fans will love this album as it has lots of great moments, screaming vocals, well executed melodies and songs that will raise the people from their slumber.

If their latest album was a total success this album will be, I think, a bit better than the last one and it would bring new fans along, and the old fans would embrace this album as it has contagious melodies and some of the guitar riffs are crushing but always keeping that thin link between heavy and heaviness but there’s moments here that totally surprised me, and it was a stimulus for me to get into this band. They remind me a lot of the old guard of the punk like NoFX or Millencollin and others, but always keeping the Across the Atlantic style which is refreshing and it never gets boring, even for a Metalhead like myself with an open mind.

The opener ‘Prelude’ is like what all the openers are: to bring a bit of excitement and give you a preview of what the album would be. As soon as ‘Playing for Keeps’ jumps in it is time to get yourself submerged inside the world of sounds and melodies that this band offer. It is a nice tune that embodies the style they like to play and is followed with ‘Sundress Funeral.’ With the tempo pushed a bit faster this is a total anthem in the punk nation, from all sort of melodies to the heavy side of the band. What surprised me the most was when they are singing those clean vocals and in the background those chanting voices appear and give the song a huge sound.

Across the Atlantic

This band was a bit different from other bands because they can also play heavy as the hardcore influence comes out of the dark and hits you in the jaw. I knew from their last record that they could do this but this time it seems they lifted their intensity with those thrashing songs that give this band another outlook as they can also destroy with those monumental riffs and bring some madness around you. You can listen to this on ’24 Hours.’ Those vocals are so angry and the gang vocals are what hardcore is supposed to be, so raise your first in that one, but keep it up because ‘Word of Mouth’ comes like a menace with the blend of brutal and melodic, total chaos in those vocals but when the clarity comes it’s like two faces in one. One of the best songs in the album, opening my mind more and more.

But if you thought those two tracks were the heaviest, you better think again because ‘Blind Eyes’ is like a disease. They will come to haunt you over and over again, mixing those guitar melodies and the clean vocals, but those grinding voices are really one of a kind and the gang vocals are the last piece of the puzzle. All in one song, it is amazing how a band can bring so many influences into one single song but Across the Atlantic really know how to work this formula, they can lift the tempo and smash out some tunes just to give you a taste of what they can bring into the table. The last song ‘Work of Progress’ is a beautiful song just to close an enjoyable album, slow pace, acoustic guitars, subtle melodies, a great ending to finish the album. Truly enjoyable great effort by this band.



Across the Atlantic - Works of Progress